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A Gift From the Sky Needs a Kick in the Pants

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  • A Gift From the Sky Needs a Kick in the Pants

    I was trying to finish up what was left, but the dailies don't seem to work right. Cant get the multi-part Task "A Gift From the Sky" to happen. I've seen the mission "Mysterious Signal" as I played, but it hasn't come up since "Gift" started.
    I'm maxed at 23 stars. I have every zone progressed far enough for all of the rewards. I've almost got my base built up to the point where I can build the armor myself. Seriously, this is breaking my completionist heart.
    Is there a trick or 2 to get this thing to kick-in?
    I saw a post about "daily missions", but I've only seen about 2 or 3 pop up in the months since I've returned to finish the game. I run a few missions a day. Maybe a couple of PvP runs (Finally made Rank 8). I'm about to put this thing away for good.

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    Is there a chance we can get a fix for that questline? I am stuck on teh second mission for more than 4 weeks doing the supposed areas hundred of times without succes