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  • Genidentifikator disappear

    The Genidentifikatoren (I play in german, translation is maybe "gen identificators") disappear at every mission where I try to open a container on a alienship.
    If I have some of them and try to open a container, the popup on the container shows me a amount smaler than the real amount.
    Moslty one less than the real amount, if I remember it right.
    Additional it happen at this point that some of them are disappeared or after the mission some are disappeared.

    For example:

    First case:
    I start the mission with maybe 4 identificators.
    I open the container, and the menu shows me 3.
    I used one identificator to open container and after the mission I have zero.

    Second case:
    I start the mission with maybe 2 identificators.
    I open the container, and the menu shows me one.
    If I click to open it, I get the message that I dont have any identificator und the menu switch from one to zero.
    After the mission I have one.

    On attachment, you can see the case where I have one (started with two)
    and I can't open the container because it say that I don't have enough.
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    You always need 1 key (gen identificator) to get inside any landed UFO with containers. But different types of alien ships require different number of keys to unlock the container.
    Look at the amount of credits in reward list: 5300 means that you deal with a small ship and you can open the container using only 1 key; 6600 - medium ship, 2 keys; 8000 - 3 keys.
    The popup on the container shows the total number of keys in your inventory (not the number of required !! )