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Crash on mission: Dungeon Siege Part 2 - cannot load game

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  • Crash on mission: Dungeon Siege Part 2 - cannot load game

    Hi, first off thank you for a great game. It’s rare I use money on ingame items but this game has me hooked.

    Unfortunately I experienced a crash on the loading screen on Dungeon Siege Part 2 today and it keeps crashing at around 10% when I try to reload.

    Don’t know if it’s a coincidence but it was my first mission using a Hired Merc (the guys that stays for 5 missions)...

    It’s horrible as weekend is coming up

    Platform: iPad (latest iOS)
    Call sign: Matti-P
    Account ID: 5UX7KH

    Another user posted the same issue in a thread below, also today:

    Today, 05:15
    ID: 6KP1ZN
    Device: iphone7

    My game crashed at %10 during dungeon siege part2 mission and when i try to restart, it continuously crashes at loading screen of the same mission at same percentage...
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    Thank you for reporting the crashes and for checking the game out

    We'll send a rescue mission and bring back the squad back to base!

    (check the game again in 30 mins)