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Game doesn't start up at windows 10

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  • Game doesn't start up at windows 10

    Hi, i'm currently stuck on the loading splash screen, you know the one with the purple ring. happened before, but back then it took 3-4 mins until the ring started to stutter to make me realize: alright finally somethings happening.

    What's going on there? do you try to fetch some data from the server? unpack stuff?

    Unrelated to that: On android version I also sometimes have huge lags, taking 20-30 secs. just being stuck, usually when the mission starts or ends or when I collect a crafted item... you know dudes. you could put those update player (/ inventory/ item) progress tasks in a queue and run them asynchronously ;-)

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    Please specify your userID and we will check if there are any issues on the server end, and for now, please completely remove and install again the app. Thank you!


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      Check the System Requirements for Windows 10 especially the version that you are running. I've had that same problem with an older version of Windows 10. Got fixed when loaded in a newer version of Windows 10 that was equal to or better than the required version of Windows 10. Not all Windows 10's are the same.