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Game freeze at mission 2

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  • Game freeze at mission 2


    The game frezze when the game learn how to use sentinelle mode. Everytimes I restart the game (lower graphics or very high) it's the same.

    Can you help me?



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    Could you please share more details so we can help you fix the problem faster?

    When and where in the game did you learn a "sentinelle" mode and what does it do?

    I'm asking to make sure we speak about the same thing, maybe it's overwatch in missions, maybe the global map


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      Sentry mode, I suppose. It is probably the same old problem with animation and cutscenes crashing the game. These crashes used to be frequent in the beginning of the game because there are many such interruptions.


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        Yeah that's it, "Sentry mode" sorry, I'm French and my english is so bad but I would like to report this bug.
        It is probably the same old problem with animation and cutscenes crashing the game
        Yes it is ! Did you know how to fix this ? Did I need to re-install the entire game ?



        Screenshot :

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          That is extremely early in the game to have such a problem. Hope they can find a cure for you.


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            As mentioned by StarQnaked, it's a very rare bug and we're actively testing the game to find it's cause, but so far I can only ask you to please try to recall anything that happened before the freezes, since it will help us replicate and fix the bug faster


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              Before the freezes I didn't absolutely nothing special. I launch my game, clicking on Play and the game launch the mission where we learn how to use Sentry Mode.

              When the game tells me to click on the sentry mode to use it, sometimes the game freeze here @ this moment.

              And Sometimes, it freeze further (like the first screenshot).

              A few times, the game freeze after having managed to put the sentry mode to the characters and that the animation starts. Few times again, when I click on USE when the game tells me to activate Sentry Mode, at once it freeze. and can't do anything.

              All screenshots I put in the post, it's when the game freeze.

              I'm playing on Windows 10, game was downloaded on Microsoft Store.

              CFG :
              Windows 10
              Asus Striker II Formula
              E6850 @ 3 Ghz
              8 GB RAM
              N750 GTX Ti
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                Thank you, a lot, for providing a detailed response!

                Do you have access to the other version of the game, Gameroom or iOS?

                While we're investigating the issue, it's possible to continue your game on another version, go past the bug and return to the Win10 version after. It's not a very comfortable, but quick solution.


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                  I'll try on Gameroom, but if it won't works I'll uninstall Gameroom. For the moment, Gameroom is downloading the game.

                  Edit :
                  It's ok on Gameroom, I cleared mission 2. But When I play again on X-Mercs installed with Microsoft Store, it's freeze again @ mission 3. I think it's probably a bug with the app downloaded on Microsoft Store. I've uninstalled it and now playing on Gameroom.
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                    Thank you for the follow up! We are yet to replicate the bug, but will continue to test Win10 specifically for this issue