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    Music at the end is giving me the chills


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      False target 3. It is the last part of my "Lone Warriors" series and it proves that we need more difficult missions =) Or, at least, nerf of battle stims (reduce or remove at all dodge buff).
      + a bug with endless pistol ammo (8:45 and 16:40)
      Kobra chips plz, 1AE4TQ
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        Lone Sniper, a daring attempt!


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          Stormtroopers Episode 2: Counter-strike

          We have located the base of the enemy, Sir.

          Well, what are you waiting for? Send a squad NOW!!!

          No need to scream, Sir. I know that they killed our defending stormtroopers and stole some of your morbidium, but we'll get that back and we have plenty more stormtroopers.

          Stormtroopers, you have been trained for this mission since we got attacked. Our intel tells us that they enemy base is guarded by the very same mercs who killed your friends. Let's put them in the ground. Oh, and bring back some morbidium.

          Do we get paid extra for this?


          Well, normally we just defend the base and kill mutants. Attacking other PMCs is not really in the work description.

          Very well, but you had better bring back a decent amount of morbidium if you expect a reward.

          Sure, why not…

          Hope you enjoy more chilling music and Stormtrooper chatter. The final episode has a very different soundtrack...

          Rhino chips please.


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            October prizes are out!


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              Stormtroopers Episode 3: Slaying the Reaper

              Our counter-strike was successful, but only yielded enough morbidium to cover what was lost. I have a new target for you. This one should be much more profitable.

              And the men will get a bonus?

              Yes, yes, they can have some extra credits.

              Listen up, men. We have a new mission. We are attacking another rival PMC. You can expect heavier opposition than last time, but exactly what is unclear.

              Heavies, great…

              Remember, the more morbidium you bring back, the more credits you will earn.

              Well, what are we waiting for then. Let's go!


              Rhino chips, please.


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                Increasingly impressed with the audio part of the entries


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                  Drones VS Stormtroopers. Which side are you on?


                  Rhino chips, please.


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                    Originally posted by StarQnaked View Post
                    Drones VS Stormtroopers. Which side are you on?


                    Rhino chips, please.

                    The perfect mechanisms of war, of course


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                      Showing off many of the eccentricities of the Stomtrooper scout, including running around like a crazed rabbit, the power to be temporarily invisible without using stealth cube, shooting while moving and hitting targets over extreme distances and through impenetrable obstacles, and of course the classic gliding around. Also shows the common throwing of stun grenades, the problem of hitting stormtroopers due to incredibly low accuracy against them, and the value of the Cyclops skill and handguns to terminate these pesky wabbits.


                      Rhino chips, please


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                        Good editing, and very useful for us content this time