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  • Story Challenge: Sunday Papers

    There is impressed, and there are pages of intense craftsmanship that you have sent for the story challenge, Commanders. It took us time and willpower to stop reading obsessively all of the submissions and pick the winners, but 3 tales were a hair better than the others. Thank you everyone for participating in the contest and enjoy the best of...


    Chapter 1: Near Death

    Let me tell you about the day Death died. We came across a PMC suspected of working for the High Council. The Great Ones ordered us to burn the base down, so we blasted our way in.

    We knew that the defending mercs of the base were coming for us. We could hear them shouting and running towards our position. As they knew we were there, we did not bother with stealth and blew up some explosive crates to provide us with better positioning for an ambush. With our guns loaded with overload ammo, we lay in wait for the approaching mercs.

    The first enemy rushed into a hail of sniper fire, and went down. The second one, also a sniper, was high on stims and managed to get a shot off at Blake before he also went down. A third sniper appeared, but managed to evade our shots.

    The evasive sniper mortally wounded Death, but Mother was quick to revive her, and that is when all hell broke lose. Around the corner stormed a scout and threw a stun grenade that stunned all of us for a few seconds during which the remaining sniper and and a heavy destroyer that appeared out of thin air managed to mortally wound Death again.

    When Mother snapped out of it, she had to revive Death again. Firefly was furious and killed the enemy scout with her handgun. Blake and Stinger took out the sniper, leaving only the heavy destroyer, who instead of fleeing decided it was a good idea to start throwing grenades.

    As the smoke dissipated, the heavy found himself surrounded by 5 very angry mercs. After they all fired upon him there was nothing left to identify, thus eliminating all opposition. We set explosives, exited the structure, moved to safe distance and obliterated the heathen base.

    And that was the day Death died twice.

    Glory to the Great Ones! Down with the High Council!

    Chapter 2: The Attack

    A team of 4 storming the rival corp's base. The scout advances step by step as a team of snipers right behind is waiting to execute. Step by step forward, seeking the enemy. Until the trap is sprung. The scout falls back, and the enemy follows. Over watch snipers shoot, and shields sparkle.

    Until the enemy scout throws a pop corn bag. Wait. It's not a pop corn bag. It has a fuse. A grenade. What kind? The explosive one, no doubt. And the grenade explodes In a puff of white smoke, covering all Bebonizers Inc mercenaries. They are stunned. Figuratively and materially. And the game is lost.

    Since then, Bebonizers Inc fabricates stun grenades by the cart load.
    Bebonizers Inc.

    Chapter 3: The Report

    Michael: This is expedition log 056, speaker Corporal Michael Sanders

    Michael: So how should I start with this... I suppose front the start. We were out in charge of investigating a abandoned alliance supply warehouse and to put it simply it didn't go well, we entered the building and it looked like it has not seen a cleaner in decades with the roof not existing anymore, the floor having a hole and no sign of our much needed supplies so we were in a really bad position and command really wanted us to investigate and I have no idea why specifically us.

    *Some gulps and sound of liquid can be heard*

    Michael: Ahhhh much better... so we splinted up and searched the place without any luck we found only dead corpses of old alliance soldiers and a broken robot but then it got interesting, our heavy went down the hole in the floor and found a bunch of medical supplies which are worth a lot but unfortunately for us we got ambushed by a bunch of raiders and the fools put up quite a fight and they were not your ordinary morons of the deep they were Jericho erupted morons and they were equipped with quite the gear but unlucky for them we were also equipped with good stuff, even when the alliance hear seems like old fragile junk for most of the part the guns still pack a punch and the morons didn't think we would be this heavily equipped. But then sh!t hit the fan with more force than ever.

    Michael: The entire warehouse became a war ground with grenades and bullets flying every where and those Jericho soldiers didn't think twice on pulling the trigger with the guns they had... when we managed to take them out we were out of ammo and exhausted, we didn't even have grenades left but the drop ship came in just in time and we ended up having a nice rest but our sniper got radiation poisoning so she will be out for a while. I on the other hand still don't know why those idiots attacked us in the first place hell last time I heard their base was blown to pieces or so they tell, you can never be sure when your speaking to a bartender on a Sunday night.

    This is Corporal Michael Sanders of the third recon squad, logging out.

    Chapter 4: Credits

    We'd like to mention hmuzyka as an endless source of inspiration for everyone, all Commanders who published their works in the official Tales from Expeditions thread and X-Mercs fans on Facebook. Contest winners will soon receive Mk. III chips, but all participants will also get Mk. II chips with a bonus Orbital Bombardement to keep you safe.

    Thank you for your passion and continuous support, Commanders.

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    I have the feeling the first one is from Exodus


    • #3
      As Advent is the opposite of Exodus, I suppose that makes you my Nemesis.


      • #4
        Technically yes, but we are somewhat competitors but competition can get... serious sometimes....

        *a body bag can be seen moved to the morgue*

        Never mind that little "problem"....


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          Hell technically you aren't with exodus so you are more of a friend than a foe


          • #6
            Well, as I do mostly PvP, I figure that must be the side I am on...


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              Well I am more of a friend to you than foe


              • #8
                Of course you are, buddy, but we storytellers can spin some tales and have some fun with it all.


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                  Imagine what would happen one day, if you could choose a syndicate, but also who does it fight for...

                  Just thinking out loud, don't take it as a plan or something we're working on.


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                    Now that would be actually awesome, I would love to work for the Union my patriotism of the Union and the relations we have would be cool.

                    Hell I am actually clan less sooooo yeah


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                      But the consept alone is cool


                      • #12
                        Nothing would really change for us, seeing as the Union is Russia.


                        • #13
                          Well basically yes and the alliance is the allies or America


                          • #14
                            Both factions encompass more than 1 country, but I see where you're coming from.


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                              Still tho the consept is good