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Grand Prix V [October 21]

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  • Grand Prix V [October 21]

    Commanders, competition this week was fierce, but in the end StarQnaked won with a huge difference as the best PMC, and Top Team took the same height as a syndicate. Congratulations to everyone! You can check other winners in the "Ratings" section of the site (link at the top of the page).

    Now, onto the main show. We've had big prizes for weekly PvP before, but today, we're going reaper-big.

    Join Global PMC competition of this week, check your spot on Friday 21st and get:
    • 1 place - full Reaper set and three Mk. IV chips
    • 3 place - full Exodus set and three Mk. IV chips
    • 8 place - full Union set and three Mk. IV chips
    That's it, no further rules, just be either 1st, 3rd or 8th on Friday, October 21 in the Global rating for PMCs and you will recieve a truckload of gear!

    Good luck,Commanders.

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    What do you mean by full Reaper/Exodus/Union set?


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      Originally posted by StarQnaked View Post
      What do you mean by full Reaper/Exodus/Union set?
      1x Reaper armor, 1x Reaper weapon of choice, 1x Reaper pistol, for example.


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        1 armor, 1 main weapon and 1 pistol?

        I assume Exodus comes with McNamara guns.


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          Yes, a full set of a particular name for 1 merc.

          And yep, Exodus comes with McNamara


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            Less than a day left, let's see who sprints through the finish line.


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              Two prizes for Top Team. Sdfly is just lucky I did not feel like getting 1st this week...

              I'll take a Union sniper rifle.

              The final valor values are quite wrong on the website btw. There was a lot of fast action near the end around 3rd place.
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                Good results, congrats!

                It was a crazy race for the 8th place


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                  Thanks for organising the competition guys, had a lot of fun!!!

                  Was very close for 3rd, thankful just got there in the end.

                  Could I please get an ODIN for the weapon and all RHINO chips. Cheers.

                  Congrats to StarQnaked for 8th and the FLY guy for 1st Place.


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                    Yep, we'll organize dropships to deliver the goods within 48 hours, keep your hangars open!


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                      There's a small delay with prizes, but as always, we guarantee them and will add a small bonus


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                        Check your bases for lil' something!

                        Once again, apologies for the delay.


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                          Received everything thanks for that and the extra bonus as well!