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Best players of the week [September 16]

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  • Best players of the week [September 16]

    Returning with a bang, Неудержимые are taking the 1st syndicate place of this week, and SDFLY continues his dominance over the Global PMC rating, congratulations!

    Good luck and enjoy the weekend

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    Yes, Неудержимые beat Sdfly, who clearly does not care about the Syndicate he is in. Superkok seemed confused though, fighting as if he was in Неудержимые, when he was just in their new reserve syndicate. For a while there I thought Superkok would push Sdfly enough so that Неудержимые lost...

    The week before Sdfly joined Kva~s~Gva, Sdfly pushed me so that Kva~s~Gva lost. Ironically they then let him join, which turned out well for them due to Sdfly's madness in the weeks that followed. I expect Sdfly will snap out of it one of these days and probably stop playing completely, as his frantic mind grabs hold onto something new to obsess about.


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      And if he doesn't? How far can a man push the limits?


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        Quite far...... And the farther he pushes them the worse it becomes.....