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Update 1.9.2 is live

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  • Update 1.9.2 is live

    Commanders, Update 1.9.2 is already live and is booming with many bugfixes, new rules to PvP search and extra expedition rewards.

    Scroll down to read patch notes, and let's see major changes below.

    PvP restrictions lifted

    In Update 1.9.1 we removed stealing credits in PvP, and now there is no reason to fear attacks on your base. This is why with Update 1.9.2 we are lifting the 48 hour limit on PvP activity, after which players would usually be excluded from PvP. With new rules, if you search for other players through PvP radar at least once, you will be tagged for PvP for unlimited time, meaning that other players will be able to attack.

    After everyone updates the game, PvP radar will never miss a target.

    Bonuses to expeditions

    With Update 1.9.2 we're also introducing a new way to earn extra resources! Check back for news tomorrow, when the first bonus event will be launched, and if you want extra cr... metals - hire more mercs.

    Tactical radar improved

    Before 1.9.2, if a flying object was too strong for your radar, you would get a red text pointing out that it's weak. When you update, a new text will tell you exactly what signal power do you need to scan the object.

    • Fixed freezes on loading screens at 90%
    • Fixed bug, where 2 mercs could die on the same spot and you would not be able to revive both or select which merc to revive
    • Fixed incorrect text for Shadow Market's contracts and rewards
    • Fixed skill "Dynamic Armor" for Defenders, which gave unintended amounts of extra armor upon encountering several enemies
    • Fixed skill "Merciless" for Storm Troopers, now it should properly add 5% to critical hit bonus in battle, previously less than 5%
    • Fixed bug with wounded mercs, who were stripped down of gear
    • Fixed bug, where revenge in PvP would always give containers
    • Shades are no longer firing while being undiscovered by the player
    • Red Spikewings will now die as they should - once and for all
    • Union/Alliance armor will not make mercs in Barracks into a "T"

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    Already updating the game


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      forcing pvp not to reach 0 morbidium... didnt like this change...


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        Originally posted by MyPhone View Post
        forcing pvp not to reach 0 morbidium... didnt like this change...
        I don't quite understand where is any forcing


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          What ? I don't get the question?


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            if i do pvp only once and never do for a while, i will eventually lose all my morbidium so i have to do pvp frequently


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              Well actually daily rewards are keeping any player with some morbidium every once a week.


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                there is no guarantee how many attacks i will get in that week


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                  Just do your best, that's what counts


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                    how can i do my best whilw not doing pvp? cos my point was that in the beginning... thats what forcing people to do pvp in the end...


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                      True you got a point there...... I did give avenger a cuple of ideas tho on how you can do PVP but without forcing it