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Best players of the week [July 15]

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  • Best players of the week [July 15]

    Summer heat didn't stop top PMCs and this week we have new winners collecting hard-earned Morbidium:

    Top Players (Global rating, July 15)
    1. StarQnaked with 6103 valor, earning 400 Morbidium
    2. JIMBO000 with 2929 valor, earning 300 Morbidium
    3. АЙНУР with 2919 valor, earning 200 Morbidium
    Congratulations are in order, and we continue to wonder will there ever be an opposition to a 9-weeks-in-a-row champion?

    Top Syndicates (Global rating, July 15)
    1. Top Team with 1328 valor, earning 5000 Morbidium
    2. IMMORTALS with 1170 valor, earning 3000 Morbidium
    3. KVA~S~GVA with 1007 valor, earning 1000 Morbidium
    Despite the weather outside, most stoic syndicates continue to push forward and we salute all of you for it!

    New week has already started, easy kills, Commanders

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    Above is all incorrect. The correct valor and standings are:

    StarQnaked 6103
    Jimbo000 2929
    Айнур 2919

    Top Team 1328
    Immortals 1170
    KvA-s-GvA 1007

    Jimbo000 sped past at the end so quickly that not even your website managed to report his score correctly. Your website says he is 3rd with 2854 valor, but the correct value is 2929.

    This marks 10 PMC wins in a row for me. Somebody stop me, PLEASE!!!


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      Thanks for the heads up on the late site update, we'll get its timing right.


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        Star I think the Unified Earth is growing to be able to stop you soon, don't worry we will do our best


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          I am giving everyone a head-start this week. Run little rabbits, run!