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Free PvP Weekend [July 1-4]

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  • Free PvP Weekend [July 1-4]

    Outstanding news, Commanders!

    This weekend, from 4PM UTC on Friday, July 1 and until 10AM on Monday, July 4 all PvP searches will be free. Just launch the game, go to the world map and press on the PvP radar—you won't need credits.

    So you would know who to aim for, here're top players of this week:

    Top Players (Global rating, July 1)
    1. StarQnaked with 8629 valor, earning 400 Morbidium
    2. АЙНУР with 7383 valor, earning 300 Morbidium
    3. JIMBO000 with 3945 valor, earning 200 Morbidium
    Top Syndicates (Global rating, July 1)
    1. Top Team with 2139 valor, earning 5000 Morbidium
    2. KvA~s~GvA with 1524 valor, earning 3000 Morbidium
    3. IMMORTALS with 565 valor, earning 1000 Morbidium
    Congratulations! Next week has just begun, and a good start would be to bookmark the Ratings page, listen to an inspiring soundtrack and to hammer on the PvP search button until the others are left far behind.

    Happy hunting!
    - HQ out.