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    Attention PMC radio stations!

    For your listening pleasure, we've gathered a hit list of music tracks from the official X-Mercs soundtrack. Listen to all 19 tunes below and scroll down to win a contest full of Mk. II (and even Mk. III) chips!

    Commander's Choice Contest

    Here's how to enter:
    1. Listen to tracks Commander's Choice #1 and #2
    2. Propose names for both tracks in this forum thread
    3. Add userID and what chip would you like to receive (we bet Cobra)
    All participants will be awarded with Mk. II chips of their choice, and on Monday, May 16, we will pick three winners to receive Mk. III chips.

    Grab your headphones, fire up the game and enjoy a rocking weekend!
    - HQ out.

  • #2
    Nice playlist
    #1 = Into the Breach
    Just the feeling of going back into battle again to defend the planet
    #2 = The NeXt chapter
    It felt like a cutscene song. I personally like it a lot and it plays well into the story that is X-Mercs. (why the Capital X in next)
    UserID = 1QT3XR (I hope I did that correct and found the account ID under Account Info)
    Chip = Tesla Chip


    • #3
      Commander's choice #1: Battle Rage

      I really could not describe the song but it gave me legit adrenaline and the heat of action.

      Commander's choice #2: The Fallen Souls

      This gave me the felling of loss and despair so I went with a tragic setting.

      ID: 1JC6TY

      Chip: Tesla
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      • #4
        Commander's choice #1: Get Ready For Action

        Commander's choice #2: Cries Of The Battlefield

        ID: 6KP1ZN

        Tesla chip pls


        • #5
          Maybe it's my slow game progress but I barely recognize half of these soundtracks, main menu, the base, and 8 battle tracks.
          Speaking of battle tracks, I would call Commanders Choice #1 "Return Fire" because it sounds like you've been ambushed.
          As for Commanders Choice #2 "Preparation" seems to fit, though I didn't recognize it at all, I got a "good job, but it's not over yet" kind of vibe.
          My ID is 8CY6NQ and I'd like a Tesla chip if you don't mind. Tesla is just a more practical choice than Cobra.


          • #6
            Tesla is soooo good for snipers, they have no armour but that extra 20 shields saved her from a reaper sniper rifle which is just the best thing


            • #7
              For track #1: Lucy's Workshop
              Perhaps it is just the picture of Lucy at the top of the post, but I can just envision this music playing while Lucy is working.
              For track #2: Aftermath
              I agree with some of the other posters that this track has the feeling of sadness or after a battle. I feltlike the battle is over and recover and prep for the next battle is happening. Check for survivors and equipment that can be used again.

              User ID: 1VL2QN
              Chip: Tesla


              • #8
                Track 1: Ares Watching
                Feels like one of in-combat songs

                Track 2: Spikewing's Flight
                Alternative name: Abandoned City
                Got an association of a spikewing gliding over ruins of an abandoned city.

                ID: 1XY6DH
                Chip: Tesla, please

                Thank you!


                • #9
                  Loved the soundtrack
                  Burned a cd for my car audio
                  Posted suggestions on Facebook
                  "Beautiful dark sky"
                  "They were assassins"


                  • #10
                    I would call the first track "The call for battle" and the second track I would call "End of an age".

                    I would like a Cobra chip.
                    ID: 5WZ8DM
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                    • #11
                      Great game, lots of update notes love it...

                      #1 into battle
                      #2 for the fallen
                      Chip - telsa
                      User ID: 9JU3NB
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                      • #12
                        Thank you all for participating, it was a tough call, but we are ready to name the winners. Three Commanders to receive MK3 chips are...

                        ...Simgar, ShellCore and UFA X-Com. Congratulations, your prizes are on the way!


                        • #13
                          User ID or account ID?
                          ActID: 6QK1BS
                          Ya you guys need get your terminology straight. User ID, no such thing. You mean account ID. Blah.....

                          Commander #1 = On The Edge
                          Commander #2 = Forever Together

                          I'll take your cheapest chip since I'm late. Eheheh