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  • Best players and tips of the week

    After a week of intense struggle, only one commander sits at the top of weekly ratings, only one syndicate seizes the throne of the most powerful this week, and several players tips will be rewarded with precious morbidium, as we take each competition paragraph after paragraph.

    Top Commanders of March 11

    Dr. Crane has managed to outperform his colleague, winning 1st place with 3768 valor points, while StarQnaked is 2nd with 3220 and a lone wolf - Spirit - is closing down on them both with 2033. Congratulations to you, commanders!

    Top Syndicates of March 11

    Old feuds are heating up! Top Team still reigns supreme with 1252 valor points this week, but KVA~S~GVAis knocked down to the 3rd place with 496, meanwhile НЕУДЕРЖИМЫЕ makes it 2nd by a hair with 520 points. What a race, congratulations!

    Top Player Tips of March 11

    We asked what you learned from your missions, you delivered. StarQnaked, ADVENT and direzione.terrantiga shared their experience on the battlefield in the “Fight Smart” guide thread, and we gladly add 300 morbidium to all three. Keep the knowledge flowing and we’ll up the stakes!

    Until next battle report, commanders.

    May your weekend be profitable.