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Crystallids invade the Library

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  • Crystallids invade the Library

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    Our Library is still growing.

    Today’s entry concerns one of the deadliest of aliens — Crystallids. These huge beings made of advinite are rumored to control the entire enemy force and take part in the most vital operations.

    Do you have a story about an encounter with on of these monstrosities? Or maybe you have some ideas on the next Library update? Post them here!

  • #2
    What in the name of... *drops his AK* ok..... I guess it will take a lot more to kill that with just a assault rifle...... Anybody got any suggestion....


    • #3
      hmm, where did I put my Faraday shield...


      • #4
        What's your tactic of choice against single enormous enemies? Asking for a friend.


        • #5
          Asking for a friend? It is OK you know... You can admit that those large baddies hurt you.

          I find the problem is not usually the big bad, but his friends...


          • #6
            I would recommend stunning the enemy first then emp them to make it easier to kill, use the chemical grenade and then use your sniper with AP skill or ammo to deal the most damage. That instantly makes the enemy look like a joke but this one is probably not going to be one.