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False Target Part 2 and Alien Conductor

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  • False Target Part 2 and Alien Conductor

    1. Anyone know how to pass the mission False Target - Part 2? The chupachabras are toooo tough and toooo many. I would need a new weapon that does more damage or new armour (I have the Prototype A).

    2. Where can I get the Alien Conductor?

    3. Where in the world are the admins for this forum? The never answer.

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    SPOILER ALERT: don't watch this if you haven't played False Target 2 & don't want the surprises ruined.

    First off, I recommend that you don't pass FT p.2, If you do, you will not be able to farm Juggernauts! I can easily farm about 25 an hour. That's how I got a massive base! Got all the weapons I needed, from farming this mission. & every once in a while I do it to the point where I get the staff member almost to the end, then I abort. But if you want to complete it, well here's a start. & just this is 21 minutes long, so ... have at it! This video will get you through the first part of the mission! BTW I never move my squad any farther then you see here! It can be done with Composite armor & ARC weapons. That is what I used for False Target 1 & to farm this while I played PvP to get to the Lvl needed for better armor & weapons. It's all a matter of how you approach the missions!

    As far as Alien Conductors? You can find them on trains that were taken over by aliens, or you can find them as the head of Alien Symphony's ... Star Wars has one. OK, OK bad joke. Really though you can find them when you finish one of the Gift From The Sky! Which does not work, for some people, or you would have found one by now.

    As far as the admin for the forum. They could be on vacation or not going to answer any more then what they did in the first thread on the subject! I would forget about the alien conductor & have fun with the game.
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