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    I've noticed a few people asking if there are ways to get some resources faster! So I put together a couple of videos that might help with that, for those that haven't played for long. You don't have to have the same weapons or Lvl of Mercs. All you really have to have is the missions available. If you have any problems viewing the videos, let me know, as I am new to posting videos!

    If the Mods have an issue with this post, please let me know & I will take them down.

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    A few additions =)

    If the player has all story missions done, "Serve and Protect" could be used instead of "False Target". It is the fastest side mission to farm juggernauts, could be found in cities Shambala, Pretoria and Ander.

    "Rearguard" - quite a nice option to farm raptors and level up mercs (14 corpses and ~23k individual exp in one go). It could be found in cities Indra, Pretoria, Shambala and New-Liberty.
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      This is how to farm Arachnids. You can do this faster then I did. I kind of bumbled around with it & took my time & made a few mistakes. But you can get 32 Arachnids & 2 Spikwings. Your Mercs will get a higher count if you have the Cyclops, Cyborg skill, that will only count as training skills!
      After you do this mission 1 time & collect that container you won't be able to collect it the next time you do the mission, if you abort it before the end. But you will still get enough Arachnids to complete the "Kill 20 Arachnids" contract.
      Use the Arachnid corpses to make Damage Modules, & Poison Antidote! Happy Hunting!