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Gift From The Sky - Part 1

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  • Gift From The Sky - Part 1

    I have been trying like forever to find the "Mysterious Signal" mission. I try replaying the regions:

    Third Rome

    But to no avail. Is it some other regions I need to try?


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    You should read the other tread on this subject as it will give you most of the information your looking for. But from what I can tell ... it doesn't work! I have tried doing the other missions that are named in the other thread but so far they haven't given me anything. IMHO I don't think we meed more armor anyway, we (they) needed to fix the lop-sided PvP that favors the people (person) that gets 135 valor points from 1 PvP match. Most of the old players left because they didn't address this problem in the last update.

    They should have either made it so we all could get to PvP level 14 OR changed it so all the players above level 9 would be dropped back down to 9. As it stands now, PvP is mostly a waste of time, as you really have no chance to come in first, unless the 1 player that is level 14 lets you win! So no need for bigger & better armor!


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      Looks like the game is dead, no response from the Admis to all the questions tobthis mission or anything.

      Very sad, game is/was a good one