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A few suggestions to fix small but annoying flaws

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  • A few suggestions to fix small but annoying flaws

    Suggestion: quality of life changes

    -these are mostly ment as small changes that make things easier or more clear.
    I want to stress: i really like mercs of boom. I’d rate it 8,5 out of 10:a really good game with no great flaws. I have not been able to find any real competitors(in regards to quality), other then Xcom. Though, i still prefer Mercs of Boom for its great style of gameplay&design.
    These suggestions are about the little flaws that keep the game from being a 9(+) out of 10, atleast in my opinion

    1. Auto-action. Player can choose an auto action for Mercs in their menu (can be changed mid game by holding and opening the info about that merc)
    It should have 4 options: Guard, Sentry, Reload, Nothing.
    If a Merc still has atleast 1 action point remaining when you click end turn, it will do its auto action.

    2. Easy info: allow us to select an enemy even if the current merc has no line of sight or lacks the AP to fire the current weapon. There is a different icon around the enemy to show you cant fireat it, but still shows the usual info as when you would have line of sight.

    3. Clarity/trial&error-research: some of the game needs serious added info that a player doesnt have a clue about without serious trial&error(+occasionally also math), dispite the info being of importance for a players decisions. For example: does union armor count as polymere armor? Does defender skill “arc blaze” deal damage in just the 4 adjecent tiles, or the full 8 surrounding tiles? How is armor’s damage reduction calculated? How much damage does a crit do?

    4. Teamexperience for the team. Reduce the credits cost of using team experience by a large portion or even entirely. Do reduce team experience gained aswell to balance it out a bit.
    I dont know about anybody else, but i am sitting on 49k team xp, and am way to starved on credits to ever use it.

    5. Allow for a line of sight check.
    I want to know where my mercs can aim. Hitboxes and cover can be act a bit shady sometimes, and its very. Frustrating to find that nope, he actually cant see that tile. Nice try with position, try again later.

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    Hello and thank you for the suggestions!

    Points 1, 2 and 5 are among the things we want to include in overall improved and streamlines gameplay in the future, keeping all of the mechanics and the depth of the game, and adding a more intuitive control over your squad members. Hopefully, these improvements will be among the first in the coming updates

    For team experience we will discuss the point, as it's more concerning gameplay balance and what happens if the team experience is so easy to use that you don't need to actually bring mercs on missions and run with a core crew that farms the experience, but some form of a catch-up mechanism for leveling a new merc when the whole squad is already past 14+ would be a good addition.


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      One does accrue team experience much faster than one can use it for the lack of credits, but it is not really a problem. Would be much worse if you did not have enough team experience when you can afford to use it. I have often used team experience to train my mercs up to the next level, especially from 5 to 6 and 9 to 10. It is fine as is.

      Better to make it easier to earn credits. It was a lot better when we could steal credits from other players in PvP. PvP could then finance itself and other things.

      As for checking out info on an opponent on the battlefield, I am still waiting for the ability to tap to see it to be restored. This holding on a foe until the info appears is really annoying. It makes sense that you cannot check the info on something you cannot see, but I do agree that sometimes the line of sight does not quite make sense, but neither does accuracy.

      Instead of auto-action. I would rather see new buttons like Reload all & Sentry all.

      As for giving the player information about game mechanics, well it is nice to have to figure some things out. There is way too much armor now though. It could be countered by boosting the effectiveness of the Yellow ammo module, which is extremely inadequate, especially against extra armor plating and other armor boosts.