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​What I would tell me if I were just starting out.

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  • ​What I would tell me if I were just starting out.

    Here is some advice that I would give myself if I were just starting the game today. I will add to this list as I think of more, please feel free to add your own in the comments.

    Unlock the extra squad slots ASAP. (Yes even the 5th one)
    Don’t just use the same squad over and over. Level a second (or third) squad as fill-ins when a member of your main squad is wounded (or dead and in the cryo-chamber). You will need them later for expeditions. It is handy to be able to change your squad makeup for certain missions.
    Have at least one of every specialization.

    Plan your cyborgs carefully for your main squad
    Sharpshooter- Level 1 is a must
    Ranger- Level 2 is a must

    Support- No must haves
    Stormtrooper- Level 4 or none

    Destroyer- Level 2 is a must, 4 is really useful or none
    Defender- Not sure yet, still leveling mine.
    Pay attention to what resources drop in each zone. Unlock the zones that provide materials for high usage consumables quickly (med kits, grenades, re-animators, etc.) It’s worth the grind.
    PVP early while your level is low. You will fight low level opponents and rank your valor easier. The pvp gear you get from valor level 2 is very useful.

    Consumables are your friend. Keep a good stock, especially for mid-to higher level pvp and tougher story-line missions
    Just because you unlock better versions of an item doesn’t mean the old ones are no longer useful.
    Overload modules are a must once you start fighting enemies with shields

    Manage your power and space carefully. Both will be a premium later. You will either need more space or more power. (This could probably use its own post)

    Tactical Battles:
    Let your scouts do the scouting, never scout into unexplored territory with your second action point.
    Be as efficient as possible with your actions points.
    When fighting things that shoot, cover is king. When fighting things that melee, positioning is king.

    Many resources needed are only available through experimenting on captured enemies. Don’t forget to stun (Even when it’s not part of a quest)
    Towards the endgame, genetic tags are a necessity. You will spend a LOT of effort capturing aliens. Make sure you have plenty of stun guns and stun grenades
    Juggernauts are for capturing. There is no use in killing them (except the one you need for research) and all of their experimentation results are useful.

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    Good one, MkV. I wish I've read this when I was just starting


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      Info I could have used earlier on. Good one mate.
      Thanks for sharing.


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        The weapon modules you can make/buy are very useful (overload module) is a must for when you encounter the aliens, even with low powered weapon you can still cut them down with some ease.


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          During low - mid lvl PVP, always spread your team out beyond grenade range.


          Them stun + pulse grenade combos completely rip your team apart.


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            Don't forget chemical grenades those make it even worse


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              I prefer bunching my mercs together instead, because they always get stunned, and nothing is worse than having stunned mercs so far apart that one cannot wake them all up...


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                Well that's because you probably have full reaper armour or something that completely negates those pesky pulse grenades.

                It's not the same thing when your squad only have advanced armour.


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                  No, in Exodus we only wear our own armor. Reaper armor is only warn by those we kill.


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                    And exodus armour is worn by the ones I and the true enemies of humanity......


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                      I have heard of onesie, but not of "ones I". What is it?


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                        Lol miss spelled that sorry.


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                          Meant to say " exodus armour is worn by the true enemies of humanity"


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                            I have been writing the new fanfiction chapter


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                              I'm still new to this game, just started playing 2 days ago. How do you expand the number of squad members? Any help is appreciated.