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Another update another DISASTER!

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  • Another update another DISASTER!

    MOB update a year ago brought us some good things, but was overshadowed by giving 1 player & 1 player alone, the ability to score 50 points more valor per battle then all others. It ruined PvP.
    Next came an update about a month & a half ago on windows that needed assets downloaded very time I opened the game. And along with that, came the bugs & PvP became unplayable with all opponents sporting reanimators & using consumable shields every other turn along with stims over & over. Games that took 6 min now took almost 25. BOOOring! & Irritating.

    Next, on Monday, the game just would not open! For 2 days. Then today, there's a new update available. I download it from the MS store 2.3GB. I then try to open the game to see if they actually improved anything.

    Well, I never got that far, as ... finally when the endless circle of death, finally stopped & started to load the game, It told me that I needed to download assets!?! 1577 MB or so, of assets, Then it downloaded 33MB & then stopped. Then it started crashing over & over. ... Then it would get back to the point of trying but, then it just sat there. Me looking at it doing nothing & it looking at me . doing NOTHING! So now with 4 hours wasted on trying to download the game assets. I realize that this is exactly what happened when the MOB update came out & gave away the game to 1 person.

    Looks like we may be just continuing the same old, same old! GI, please make me eat my words by showing that you are actually are going to fix the issues you have already created & not just pile on more reason to NOT to play the game, as so many other freemium game companies do!?!

    Sorry for the rudeness, but hate losing a beloved game, to so called improvements that aren't

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    Hello, we're sad to hear the update did not deliver on stability and fixes as were your expectation.

    For the 33Mb issue to be resolved, please completely remove the app, and install a new version.

    We're looking into the situation where updates do not properly install on top of current installation.

    Thank you for your continuous patience and we will improve the download speed and reduce size!


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      Previously entered content was automatically saved. Restore or Discard. BTW this doesn't work either. It just shows what you wrote & then jumps to the forum directory. !? Doesn't restore anything.


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        I tried uninstalling & it wouldn't uninstall, Then after many tries it said it uninstalled, but hadn't, as when I went to the MS store it said it was installed! I then tried several thins & went back & after several more attempts it gave me the install button. It downloaded the 2.3GB but then did something I have never seen before! The indicator that tells you how far along the dL is went from green to white & started downloading again & again & ... well again until I got an error message. I will now try to post some SS of the different error messages. But will post this so I do have to do is for a third time.


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            This is from the MS store.


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              I finally did get the game to download the game & like I thought it would do it ... it set up a new game from the start & then would not accept the info to get my game back.


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                Hi! Please contact us or support in private messages and we'll be glad to restore any missing progress


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                  I wanted to finish the telling of the story that I started just over 4 months ago. ... As I last wrote that I lost that account, which was my 3rd or 4th account lost & seemed to be unrecoverable. I waited some time & was still unable to recover my game that I had worked so hard on. So I started playing the game from scratch again but when I got to around level 10 I think? the game got stuck (not frozen) with Veronica standing there looking at me & breathing heavily! No mater what I did (restart the game or try to recover) she just stood there with that come hither look! I gave up at that point but came back after about a 3 month cool down as I was really disappointed in the game. Anyway, I deleted the game & started over AGAIN! Only to have it do the very same thing!!! You can watch it happen here!

                  After this happened this time ... I tried to recover using my old game ID ... & for the first time since I started playing this game 2 years ago & about 7 or 8 accounts later, it came up with the account I lost just after the January 2019 update. So I ended up being really happy & surprised by the turn of events. But the bug still exists that is shown in the video. I hope it helps you figure out & fix the problem as if it is happening to me, it's happening to others that most likely never return.

                  I am on Windows 10 PC.
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                    I faced this bug twice but "restoring an account" through the game menu always helps... Try to restore it using another device


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                      Thanks SDFLY I will have to remember that for the next time it happens.