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  • Best Idea eva!!


    Just thought of the best idea for a mission.

    Mind you I have not finished the game,, so this is just something I thought of.

    A mission of mission type.

    You head to a standard run of the mill kill/save/retrieve/investigate aliens or whatever..

    But en route to the mission, the shuttle is attacked, and the mercs have to jump ship.

    Mission starts as usual except the four/five members of the team are not in a single group.
    Each member is on a separate corner of the map, and must make thier way to the middle.

    The idea is that the player has to utilise the skills of each individual merc without assistance from the other team members.

    A more advanced feature could be tweaking the section/corner of the map to be specifically catered to the merc type. To make it achievable or harder depending on the merc type.
    or just have genetic mobs, obstacles that so that each merc has to use the skills in thier disposal to overcome their section.

    There are several game play types,,,
    allowing mercs to sit and wait while other mercs come and save them.
    Have each section closed off so the other mercs cannot help each other.
    Have specific puzzles sections where a sniper can shoot across a ravine to assist the tank with some mobs. Then the tank can reach another merc. so on and so forth.

    So many options.

    So yeh, was just a cool thought I had,
    to add a different type of mission, to add a little bit more fun and break up the monotony of starting every mission in a very similar manner.

    What you guys think?


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    That is a fantastic idea, Tom!

    Thank you for sharing it

    We always wanted to expand on the types and activities in missions in future chapters, and hopefully, this will be done in one of the upcoming updates.