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    Hello and congratulations for the game it's very beautifull!!
    I would like to know if you can purchase a full version for android or ipad mini, also you have planned a version for playstation Vita or nintendo 3ds? I believe that a game on portable consoles will be very successful especially on PS Vita.

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    Hello there

    Thank you for playing the game! If you have an iPad Mini of the last couple of generations, you can download the iOS version for free, and the in-game purchase are optional and are not required to progress through the story or be competitive in PvP. Android version currently has the store disabled, until the end of the beta.

    Regarding 3DS and PSVita, both are very cool platforms, but sadly, they are no longer a priority for modern game development.

    Good news though, we do know what is Nintendo Switch and how popular turn-based strategy games are on home consoles


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      Tank for reply, Yes i download an iphone version and i'm playeng the game, but i prefer a full game, about nintendo switch it will be a good console, give me a touch if You planing a nintnedo version.