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Your Favorite PVP Tactics ?

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  • Your Favorite PVP Tactics ?

    Let's share some of our most used PVP strategy!

    I'll start:

    I often use the tank drone to scout and get the initial hit and then rush it to safety. This probably won't work at higher levels because the drone could be dead in 1 round but for for early and mid game I think it's useful because it sometimes makes the AI split its team or can make it prematurely rush chasing the drone or it can also make the AI start and waist important buffs 1 round (or more) too early.

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    I'm personally not a PvP expert by any means, but ever since the False Target mission chain my squad always rolls with a Sacrificial Scout

    Might be more costly to revive than a drone, but also has a chance to drop the stun grenade or use the super powers


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      Drones are useless in PvP. Either wait for the enemies to come to you, or send any merc ahead to lure the enemy to the position of your choice. Deciding were the fighting takes place is key to controlling the battlefield. If all enemies do not approach, try probing forward or retreat. Both work...


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        Drones work great for early and mid game, any player wanting to experiment can see the value of this, specially true when facing a stronger opponent and you need every edge possible. Great when you don't want to use consumables.

        Also you are not sharing much , everyone waits for the opponent to show so as to get free overwatch shots. I was hoping for more than stating the obvious !


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          Unfortunately most folk wont want to post their best strategies and information in such a public fashion. The why inform a competitor, line of reasoning.


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            Or it will be just "5 Defenders, Reaper"


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              Indeed. Using 5 heavies when attacking bore me to death just thinking about it. Steamrolling is not a tactic. It is a complete lack of tactics. It is of course a strategy. Many people do not understand the difference.

              My tactics are ever changing, depending on my opponent and the battlefield.

              Strategy-wise, I prefer quick, high-risk, battles against superior forces.

              There was a time when the AI would not come for you, and you had to go find its mercs. It was a golden age for those who like to rush in and stun them all. It should not work ever. The AI should start in overwatch and take them out. Then the AI should move, but not necessarily forward.

              We need larger PvP battlefields, with more possible directions of approach/retreat. It would make battles more dynamic, and open up for much more variation in AI behaviour.


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                Pvp bots not using medpacks and weapon boosters only granades in the same order also personal boosters but thats it
                Still hard sometime but not to much


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                  Back when the AI used medkits, it was nearly impossible to kill heavies in Reaper armor. It was very easy to run out of time against 5 reaper heavies. So I would not complain about the AI not using medkits.

                  No healing times on the base is no good though. It inspires recklessness and I now hardly ever bother to use medkits either. My mercs are complaining that I let them get hurt on purpose. No production times is equally dumb. All my medical personnel and engineers quit.


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                    Originally posted by thanatos1311 View Post
                    Unfortunately most folk wont want to post their best strategies and information in such a public fashion. The why inform a competitor, line of reasoning.
                    Well there is only a few of us in the forum.

                    Also, keep the best info, just share tier 2 info maybe