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    My soldiers are practically all level 15. This means that every team that I put in the field is composed of 5 generals. Impossible: no army in the world would field 5 generals in a single team. Moreover it is not at all said that the generals are also the superb direct combatants, indeed the opposite is easier. Finally, in a private security company, the military rank has a zero relevance: what really matters is the combat experience on the field, not the insignia on the chest.
    For these reasons I would like to propose to review the degrees of experience of the mercenaries. Replace military grades with adjectives from combatants best suited to describe their ability.

    This is the list I had in mind:

    liv. 1 - street henchman
    liv. 2 - cannon meat
    liv. 3 - recruit
    liv. 4 - first fruits
    liv. 5 - fighter
    liv. 6 - specialist
    liv. 7 - expert
    liv. 8 - professional
    liv. 9 - veteran
    liv. 10 - ace
    liv. 11 - champion
    liv. 12 - elite soldier
    liv. 13 - warlord
    liv. 14 - myth
    liv. 15 - epic warrior
    liv. 16 - legend

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    It is rather strange that I am sending 2 generals and 2 major generals into each mission. I like the proposed name with a few exceptions..... cannon meat and first fruits? May translate better in Italian. I'll have to think a bit to come up with replacement name.


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      in Italian we use this expression to describe a newbie, a first blood.
      I thought it was like that in English too. apparently I was wrong.

      sound rookie better?
      and cannon fodder?
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        It would be a "young blood" as the English equivalent but it isn't really used anymore. Rookie and cannon fodder are perfect though


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          "Fresh Meat" would be the expression similar to "rookie " or "Cannon Foder", basically meaning new and expandable although it is a little bit more derogatory sounding name.


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            don't get drown in minor details. even if the names change, you will still send same mercs...


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              Not even personalizing soldiers with different colors changes their nature, yet you can do it.
              I think that if you are looking for a practical functionality in a browser game, you'll get drown in mirror detail !
              There is no functionality, simple fun.