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  • idea: mutant daily attack!


    First of all let me have a small personal impression off-topic: in order to avoid duplication among its our soldiers, would it not be better if when a new soldier was recruited, player could to be able to choose the soldier's portrait and nationality?

    Well, let's move on now to the idea itself:

    1) It often happens that you are undergoing a PvP attack while you are playing a normal mission, and then the system automatically uses the soldiers present at that time in the "squadron", but maybe they are not the right soldiers to defend the base. Why not create a new folder called "guard" and keep us selected the right soldiers that the system will automatically use to defend a PvP?

    2) Since the player's base is in the middle of the Caucasus forest, in a remote area between the vegetation, how come it never undergoes assaults from mutant animals? Would not it be great if once every 6H you had to defend your base from a giant mutants attack in a "modular camp" location using the soldiers in the "guard" folder described above? *

    3) While we are there, why not put a "patrol" option in the "HQ expeditions" building, so instead of sending the selected soldiers to the expedition, you send them to patrol the areas bordering the base with the chance to delay the daily mutant attack at the base?

    Thank you and good work!

    * It is an active battle, meaning the player plays it as if it were a normal mission, only that:
    a) - The mutants are many even if weak, and continue to arrive for many rounds, perhaps 10 or 15.
    b) - This battle opens automatically as soon as the account is accessed after 10H since the last attack, and it is not possible to refuse it. For this reason it is useful to send out a patrol as described in point 3!
    c) - What happens if you fail the defence mission? Simple: you lose 4-6 scientists and/or technicians eaten by beasts, and you have to spend 20 units of the "building materials" resource to repair the base before it can return to operational.
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    Yep, really good idea. A few additions:

    - at high levels staff costs ~2k a worker, so the loss of them would be too painful. The loss of 20-30 different resources looks better.
    - your previous idea about turrets could be applied here to help our soldiers in defense.
    - add an optional target (with huge reward): eliminate 2-3 alpha-beasts staying behind main forces (so it would be really hard to break through the massive attack of other animals).
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      Yes, the contribution of the turrets is always in my minde. I think there should be 5 different degrees, from the very common turrets with a machine gun, to the heaviest and most advanced ionic guns turrets. All this can be achieved thanks to the continuous upgrading of the special "defensive systems" building inside the base.

      Excellent sending of 3-4 alpha specimens that arrive with the latest waves, but as the Caucasus scenario in the global map describes, I thought a majority of hordes of blackberries and arachnids: two species that characterize this region. Occasionally herds of raptors or spikewings can arrive. And since the animal herds tend to move singly and not mixed with other different specimens, it would be nice if the system randomly chose from which species to attack from time to time, and to attack only with that species. Here also from a tactical point of view, the team "on guard" should be prepared a bit 'in all because you never know which species will attack next time (fighting the blackberries requires a different gear than fighting arachnids, for example ).

      Note a technical factor: the timer for the next attack must be concealed from the system, and the player will never know exactly when the next attack will occur.

      Patrols deserve special mention: each patrol mission lasts 7 hours, and if performed successfully, adds 4H to the time required for the next attack. Obviously a patrol can be sent for each "HQ expedition" building, and each patrol can change the attack time at the base. I think that the level of difficulty of the patrol must be medium-high, slightly higher than the difficulty of looking for the resource "plastic polymers" (which is the most difficult resource to find).

      As for the damage to the base in the case of failed defense, I think the system should disable 4-6 randomly chosen base buildings up to the expense of 5 units of the "building materials" resource required to restore each individual building.

      As for the casualties between the staff of the base in case of failed defense, I remain convinced that losing 4-6 technicians and scientists is correct. Reason more to defend the base with everything you have.
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        if all these applied, the game has no difference than ogame or travian type games. i think the best part of this game is you can play whenever u want to get rid of some stress but after all these changes, i would have a little bit more, always worrying about if my base attacked or how much resources i lost...


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          In ogame or travian most of the attacks you receive, it's in your absence.
          As I wrote above, however, you would receive a single attack only as soon as you access the game, so not in your absence.
          Furthermore it would not be an attack by another player, but by the system.
          It would not be a source of stress because you would only receive one when you reconnect to the game.
          And you would still be able to postpone this attack almost indefinitely thanks to the patrols.
          No, it is not the same thing that travian, never remotely.


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            Love these ideas and I think some of this could add value to the game however these base attacks should not happen as soon as you log on, because a large number of players log on into the game multiple times during the day just for a few seconds to collect credit/send expeditions.Got no time to battle anything, just got 5 seconds to collect loot!