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    2/3 of the planet is covered with water. Seas and oceans are the largest part of this world. The same human population is concentrated for 80% on the coasts. Therefore a hypothetical advinite crisis should concern a majority of marine flora compared to a terrestrial fauna. In a game mission, a mercenary's dialogue openly says that, believing that he has become rich, he will now buy a beautiful boat full of young women and go around the world to party. Well, I'm sorry to spoil the party, but if the mainland is full of mutants, all the more so should be all the seas in the world. They should be real seas of death populated by giant and perennially hungry monsters.
    So why not even design a couple of locations on oil rigs? Or a sector of a futuristic giant commercial ship to defending from sea monster?
    Rather, why not equip the mercenaries of combat suits suitable for fighting underwater and thus create a whole series of incredible adventures on the seabed, like underwater research and/or mining stations now flooded and invaded by marine mutants?
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    We actually had in plans a few missions on the water, but at the moment they are planned a few updates ahead.

    Cool idea though, glad to hear it being voiced by others too


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      already that you appreciate the idea, then I want to exaggerate:

      - underground world
      - base Lunar

      Underground world: in a future dominated by densely populated megacities like the future you have described, it is unthinkable that humanity has not developed even in the depths of the earth. If already in our cities there are complex underground structures such as intricate sub-rail metropolitan and dense sewage systems, in a hypothetical megacity the underground areas should be a sad reality even for what concerns the living, productive and commercial spaces. So why not create a couple of underground locations, perhaps with narrow dark tunnels (with wide passages just 1 square) in which giant moles and other subterranean beast mutants have managed to break through? I am sure that the claustrophobic combat in certain locations would revive the game.
      It would not be bad even from a tactical point of view: in the narrow spaces of the sewers, the heavy equipment and heavy armor could suffer a heavy combat malus...

      Base Lunar: it is logical to think that in the future hypothesized in this setting, the Moon has been colonnized at least slightly. After all, it is estimated that on the lunar surface a very thin and homogeneous layer of Helio3 is placed, a very rare chemical form of the Helio element with properties that could be very appreciated by the energy and chemical sectors. So we could imagine that the Moon will become an immense "prairie" strewn with almost entirely automated "farms" used to collect Helio3, with thousands of robotic harvesters that scour the surface in total absence of atmosphere. And if accidents occur in these lunar "farms", who can you send to investigate? The regular conscripts, or much more expendable groups of private mercenaries?

      Finally, one last suggestion: the great thing about having powerful armaments is that you can use them against immense hordes of medium-low monsters, not against small groups of very strong monsters. I'd love to play some scenarios where the mutants keep coming up for a long time, more and more...

      Thanks and good job!