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  • Cheating

    There are players who use hacks or cheats. For example, SDFLY in the SALVYANE syndicate got more than 10000 points in less than 2 days! Even the best players finished the week with max 3000 points . It is impossible.

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    Hello and thank you for the report!

    We're checking all winners of the weekly PvP competitions, and will double check the player in question. We only wanted to remind you, that some players have been playing the game for a long time on iOS and PC, and have devised strategies often beyond reason to battle the competition. It might discourage other players from aiming for the first place, and we are currently looking into balance changes for PvP to ensure the weekly Ratings stay fair and equally possible to achieve by all players.

    We will update everyone on future balance tweaks as soon as they are implemented.


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      Originally posted by The Avenger View Post
      We will update everyone on future balance tweaks as soon as they are implemented.
      another couple of years for the next update then…


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        vfroment just want to correct you a bit: I've been gaining 1200-1500 points per day throughout the whole week (not only 2 days), no abuse or so, only fair playing =)


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          ...and let's just pretend that you cannot do more than 3000 points in an hour, shall we?

          Not technically cheating perhaps, but Fair Play it is not.


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            The words "no abuse" tell you nothing? At least last week I played fully fair =)


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              There is no such thing when it comes to you. If you want anyone else to have any chance at all, you will have to not start playing until the very last hours every week.

              and even then, you'd probably win every time...


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                sure, there were 2 days left and u got 0 points and then in 2 days, u got 10000 ! and It is not the first time. you are just a cheater sdfly . All players know it.

                Can an administrator check the two past weeks plz? and give us the details of all points ? how many games by hour? with how many points?
                I m new in this game but i understand now why there are no one playing this game. Too many cheaters. Sdfly is not the only one.
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                  While I obviously do not agree with Sdfly's method, I have copied it in the past so that I could beat him. I could instruct everyone on how it is done, but I would much rather see the developers enforce some rules in PvP.

                  For example, a hard hourly limit of 10 attacks per hour would be reasonable.

                  Also, 100 attacks per week could be enforced (including revenge attacks). Attacks on a player would then also have to be limited though, and players like Sdfly would have to be monitored so that they do not attack themselves with another account. Also, no valor should be won by a successful defence.

                  Lost valor due to unsuccessful defence should be lower when the attacker is stronger, and higher when the attacker is weaker. Right now it is the other way around. Although unintended by the developers and completely backwards this has not been corrected for years now...

                  The size of Syndicates needs to be increased dramatically. We have now added three gaming platforms without increasing Syndicate size. Around 30 members would be good. The effect of any one player will then be less and the competiton will become more inclusive and more difficult to dominate. Some way of stopping players like Sdfly from playing many accounts in the same Synidcate would of course be good.

                  This would make for a much more interesting competition and it would not just matter how many attacks you do, but whom you attack... Prepare for Syndicate wars!
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                    Interesting ideas, but limit players in amount of hourly/weekly pvp battles seems bad. Our game is trying to provide comfortable conditions for everyone, i.e. people can play any time they want and as much as they want. So restrict exactly the number of counted battles (per day/week) looks more preferable (so people could play without limits but the result of only 100 battles would be taken into account in syndicate race).

                    The alternative way is to untie syndicates from valor at all. For example, special "clan points" could be added. And players could gain it by completing several "daily challenges": easy ones (win 5-7 pvp, do some missions in the designeted region, collect resourses, send expeditions, capture animals and so) and a bit harder (win pvp in less then 3 mins, do a few multikills, capture 2 pterots, etc.). Players who complete all the tasks this day would be awarded bonus CP.

                    In this case syndicates will be available to any player, regardless of his gaming preferences (pvp or pve), all game features will be involved, the contribution of each member will be really significant and the problem with pvp awards (depending on squad and gears) won't be so acute. Of course, valor ratings will remain (and show the best pvp player of the week) but success in it won't affect the whole syndicate.
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                      Daily tasks is the sort of thing that makes real gamers like me stop playing. I do not even collect stuff from tilly flying thing in the workshop. Requiring people to play every day is the worst idea ever. If I am not only free to play when I want, but also how I want, then I am out of here.

                      Daily PvP limit is a very bad idea. One should be able to do all the week's battles in one day if one so wishes. 10 battles per hour is quite normal fast speed. Not many people actually manage that. 10 hours of that in one day is not for the feint hearted... It will probably take at least 3 days for most of the very active players.

                      If the competition is about anything else than PvP, then it is no longer of any interest. The rules have to be simple in order for strategies to develop a life of their own. Doing other things than PvP should be part of our strategies, not some daily requirement. That would be work, not play.


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                        BUMP! A year later & here we are ...STILL... in the same place.