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    first, thanks for this great unknow game ! I was searching a game like this one for ages and you made it !

    i also wish one day , that there is a new game like X-mercs but on world war 2 : the same game with units of WW2 : infantry( sniper, scout , commando, parachutists.. ) , many tanks, and with why not planes or boats too ?
    With historical missions from 1936 to 1945 , that could be very fun, can't be ?

    plz make it !


    edit: sorry for my bad english. i m french
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    Hi, Jeff!

    Thank you for the suggestion and while I personally don't know of turn-based games like X-Mercs set in WW2, I also highly recommend checking out Company of Heroes 1 and 2, they are real-time, but still very much unit and squad focused.

    Maybe, in the future we can make more games of the same genre, but in different universes

    Take care!


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      Thxs for the quick answer and for the tip. COH is a great game but i prefer turn by turn games like panzer corps. I need taking all my time when playing.
      Unfortunately , i believe that there is not even one tactical free to play with guilds set in WW2.

      edit : just another suggestion , why not add the option in your game : " make a donation with paypal" ?
      Like a lot of people, i never made app purchases because i consider that it is like "cheating" and i couldn't appreciate the game if i have some extra aids...even if i don't use them.
      At least on ipad / iphone , it could be easy to add a button in the first menu.
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        That's a very kind idea, but, unfortunately, accepting donations for a commercial (even though F2P) game is not simple, but we hope to offer app purchases that won't seem like cheating and will expand the game, instead of offering faster progress


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          like in fortnite, it could be fun to get some unique skins for mercenary. For example, there is not the black color for armor ...