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  • So many questions, so little time

    I wonder if the true experts on here could answer a few questions that have been bugging me:

    1. How do Spikewing resurrections work? For example in Operation Trident you taken on a Boss Spikewing plus underlings who sometimes resurrect, sometimes not, the same with the scenario Flying HIgh. Is this random or can I somehow force it to happen?

    2. On my travels I've picked up (and not used) half a dozen Ion Cannons, a couple of Revivals and I've bought a couple of Orbital Bombardments. In the "list of stuff to use" on the left of my screen it only shows the ICs. How can I add the OBs and Revivals?

    3. I get that there's a certain order to things teamish. Scouts/Snipers/Heavies. I can't for the life of me work out how to change the order my Snipers shoot in; is this at all possible?

    Oh, and I play on PC, the tablet Google gave me is, obviously, on Android.

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    Why do you want Spikewings to resurrect? You can only collect their corpses once...

    Change superweapon by holding on it...

    If the order of your snipers is a concern, re-equip or reskill to get the order you want.


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      Many thanks, a lack of help file may be something to do with it.

      Could you explain three, forgive me if I'm being dense.


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        If you want me to try to help you in detail with no.3, you will have to say which order you want and what order you have, and then maybe I can help you.

        I would need to know the level of mercs, and gear and skill specialization of all five mercs