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Ten tips for new Commanders

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  • Ten tips for new Commanders

    1. Do not panic and do not rush:

    If you read one thing and then reply TL;DR it's this: DO NOT PANIC OR RUSH. I've taken hours over a decision in PvE, and you have al the time in the world to make your mind up. Go shopping, have a smoke, drink a bit, go tap up that girl you've always hankered after, then come back and think about it some more.You'll make a better move and you'll win.

    2. Do not sell your old weapons:

    You'll gradually move up from Caseless, to Beam, to Arc, then Pulse weapons. Later in the game you will be seeking to capture very specific opponents for very specific stuff. Sadly, these beasties are no good to you if even your sidearms vaporise your quarry. You will come to value the Caseless longarms and Beam sidearms as useful tools for farming. Sell useless gadgets by all means but hoard guns.

    3. Do not become obsessed with cover:

    Sure, you need cover against ranged attacks, especially in PvP but it's important to know your enemy. Quite a few (both mutant and alien) want to get up close and personal and Walkers ignore cover with their ranged attacks. In these cases cover matters not one jot and you need to think more about lines of fire. The Sniper Cyclops skill is wonderful when enemies line up for you and you can get a twofer or threefer for one bullet. Add Double Tap and Line 'Em Up and watch those Cloudberries burst. With Heavies, Dig In and Taunt make sure the tank gets all the attention while you pop off with the rest of your team.

    4. Do not level unwisely:

    This should probably be two tips. When starting out don't worry too much about training, just try and level your squad as evenly as possible. If you've got an obvious kill shot then give it to the girl that needs the XP, not the next on your roster. Think about the order in which your tem shoots, if you need XP for one merc then make sure someone deals the damage while the needful one kills. Pay for training where it helps, not merely to gain your merc a level.

    5. Do not become obsessed with a skill tree:

    So, you've decided you ultimately want a five-girl team of Defenders, Sharpshooters and Support Fighters. It's a lot easier to make certain classes if you remember that skill reset is (relatively) cheap; so if you want those classes, it's a lot easier to get your girls to double figures or early teens in level if you choose Ranger (for Snipers) or Storm Trooper (for Scouts), then reset and repurpose.

    6. Do not waste your Skill Points:

    I'll give you two examples and you can extrapolate the rest: I levelled my Rangers without taking Sniping Spot or Steady Hand, for why, you ask? Because when they hit level 10 I could take Line 'Em Up, Combat Reflexes and Firing Squad all at once and if you need Sniping Spot you're doing snipers wrong and if something needs pistolling they're already close enough for accuracy not to matter. The same applies to the Sharpshooter tree (replacing Steady Hand with Big Gun) you jump over crap stuff and get the good skills all at once.

    7. Do not forget the current built-in crapness of the game:

    This is a wonderful game, but it has crap bits; I play mostly on PC because I'm a hermit and the first few times I tried to capture mutants I blew them to hell and couldn't understand why. Now I know that I may need to click on a stun gun or medikit several times for the game to understand that I really do want to stun the fucker (or heal the fucker depending). Enjoy finding other crap bits, like enemy AI (PvP and PvE); the Incubi should be ruling the aliens, they're the only ones with any goddamn tactical sense

    8. Do not build or level buildings beyond necessity:

    Level your base and Shadow Markets to the max, because hey, free money in the latter case. Build maximum warehouses, eventually six, and level them for all the crap you're going to hoard. How many Infirmaries do you need? Five max, but level them as soon as you can. I'm not ashamed to say I've crapped out of missions with max damage. You can have five badly hurt guys at a time, you don't need any more. As you go on you'll need more Armourers and Scientists but you gain more by building more rather than levelling madly.

    9. Do not think one squad build rules them all:

    I usually rock four Rangers and a Scout but I have other staff available, For example, if I'm out to capture Walkers I'll swap in an extra Scout and a Defender and adjust weapons accordingly. You need to survive attracting the beasties but be able to move a good distance and stun. If I know it'll be all low-level Walkers, maybe an extra extra Scout.

    10. Do not be a stingy c**t:

    Yes, this game is FTP and it's definitely not PTW. Agreed, extra credits get you extra stuff, extra Morbidium gets you extra stuff. Bear in mind however that you can't buy your way to Reaper gear, you have to PvP for it. As stated above, I love this game, as I've loved many, many forerunners to it (Google Julian Gollop and yes, I'm old too) and I want it to be bigger and better. That's why I pay and why you should too; a tenner every couple of months isn't going to kill you and if it will then pawn your idiot tablet and buy some food. If this still doesn't stir something in you then you're the sort of stingy c**t who doesn't deserve something fun to play.

    Next Month, providing I'm still alive: Know your scenario, Cyborgisation for idiots, Spreading Out, how to avoid being stunned en masse and... How to make amazing roast potatos.
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    We'll close the eyes on star symbols, superb job!


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      Should be renamed "Ten things not to do"

      It really does not matter how you level your mercs. What matters is to not level up the base/player/account too fast. It is that level that makes things harder...

      Which skills you find useful, depend on your tactics.

      Throw away the PC and buy an iPad and you will find the game works much better.

      You can never have too many infirmaries.

      One squad actually does rule them all, as I is demonstrated in the PvP competition every week.

      You can either spend the time to make the resources you need, or you can spend some real money to buy them. I do not mind how you do it.


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        Fair points.

        I have a tablet, I shall try it. At home, in the warm, next to my PC


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          These are great. One mistake I made early on was allowing my team to die with Cyborg upgrades and no cyber modules. I had no idea there was an abort button. Yes you take max damage but your team heals much faster than reviving (45 minutes vs 6 hours) and you keep your Cyborg Upgrades. Tip #6 was great. I've always spent my skills as soon as I leveled regardless of if the skill was lame or not.


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            Two things do perplex me: I understand how to hunt for specific resources and PvP opponents on the world map but I cannot fathom out why some zones are blue and others red, it seems to have no bearing on difficulty or reward. Secondly, how are side missions (in green) triggered? Are they directly related to my "main line" progress or something else?


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              Blue for Alliance, Red for Union, Green for Mutants. Side missions have various triggers, some related to main quest, others to level and so on...


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                That should have been obvious. Many thanks.


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                  I'd love to see a quick guide on upgrading weapons and armor. Tips like which armors / weapons to upgrade, how far to upgrade them and which additions make the most sense. I fought a PvP yesterday and the defender had a Mk 4 Volcano. Seems like that may be overkill at that level for that weapon. I've unlocked Union armor and Union beam weapons so far if that makes a difference.


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                    I'd love to see a quick guide on upgrading weapons and armor. Tips like which armors and weapons to upgrade, how far to upgrade them and which additions make the most sense. I fought a PvP yesterday and the defender had a Mk 4 Volcano. Seems like that may be overkill at that level for that weapon. I've unlocked Union armor and Union beam weapons so far if that makes a difference.


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                      Good idea, we'll get our top writers on the task


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                        Sorry, I did find the Chips 101 guide here: but would like some pro-tips on when to upgrade etc.