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    As a new player I got going pretty fast but I finally hit a wall at around level 8 as I never seemed to have enough
    cash to do everything and I am a f2p until I feel there is value in being otherwise and not just being obstacles
    to tough to immediately overcome. I read a post about what I am guessing a more experienced player would
    have wished they had known starting out and being new and not yet knowing the meaning of I know will become
    terms I use myself over time I felt I did not get the full value from this quote:

    Plan your cyborgs carefully for your main squad
    Sharpshooter- Level 1 is a must
    Ranger- Level 2 is a must
    Support- No must haves
    Stormtrooper- Level 4 or none

    Destroyer- Level 2 is a must, 4 is really useful or none
    Defender- Not sure yet, still leveling mine.
    I have no cyborgs as yet as I was unsure what I should be aiming to get but more when I should be changing
    my mercs to them. Does for example Sniper: Sharpshooter Level one mean getting a merc to rank 6 and taking
    penetrating shot before becoming a cyborb and if so what is a level 2 on ranger referiing to?

    If anyone could give memore details on this I would be most grateful.

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    Where is this quoted from? It is in no way helpful in any case.

    You are fine to simply stick with the 3 mercs you start with. Make your scout a Support scout and your sniper a Ranger. Heavy will lag behind, and when you get your ranger to level 6, you are better off starting another sniper and train it to level 6, choosing Ranger again. When you have 2 Rangers and a Support scout, you will no longer need a heavy.

    When you have a 4th squad slot, train yet another Ranger, and when you have 5 squad slots, train yet another Ranger and consider re-skilling one of your Rangers to Sharpshooter if find you need penetrating shot to progress in PvE.

    If you do PvP, you want many Sharpshooters. The fastest way to train snipers is always as Rangers though. Get them to level 10 before re-skilling to Sharpshooters.
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      Thanks for your reply StarQnaked, I am sure your team build is very solid and my only question on it not yet knowing how well rangers work as all I have are several Lv5's so not made any choices as I have stopped fighting and am just milking cash to refit to a level where I can continue. My question would be how well does support scout/ 4 ranger team handle ambushes right next to you. Also my question was on when to go cyborg....are you saying cyborg is a waste of time?


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        Cyborgization is great, especially for scouts and snipers. Keep some space between your snipers and lead with the scout. Ambushes from behind are worst, but as long as your snipers are 4-5 spaces apart, they can handle it.


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          Viper, I'm lvl 8 also and only have 4 slots. I'm finding that using 2x scouts and 2x snipers works well for me. I use one to scout and one to help out the snipers in case something comes too close. For the scouts, Agility is becoming a great passive skill because I can draw fire around a corner without taking damage then move the rest of the team out to fire or retreat and have the team wait in ambush. I've just finished upgrading all armor and weapons to the first level (caseless and advanced armor). The extra damage lets me one hit kill a lot of the average baddies.


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            As far as being f2p goes, I take the attitude that someoneone took the time and trouble to make something I thoroughly enjoy. Dropping them a few quid every month is just politeness to my mind.