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  • Squad Setup

    I am curious as to players' squad setup. Which mercs? What levels? What skill tree?

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    Personally, I use
    1. A Bomber, sorry, a “Destroyer” level 15
    2. A Ranger, sorry, an “AP Sniper” level 15
    3. A Med...Support Fighter level 14
    4. A Storm Trooper level 14
    5. And a Sharpshooter level 14
    And if I’m specifically going out to capture creatures, then I switch my Storm Trooper for a Defender level 13


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      Rolling with 4 Rangers and 1 Scout, but I have a very specific taste


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        Usually four Rangers plus a Scout, like The Avenger, with a couple of trained up Heavies (one of each type), three trained up Sharpshooters and a Support Scout. All of whom can step up for specific missions or scalphunting.


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          Not sure what your current level is RDNTKNIGHT but at lvl 13, I'm using 2x rangers at lvl 8, 1x Stormtrooper at lvl 6 and 1x heavy at lvl 4. Still ranking the heavy to be a destroyer. I went with 3x snipers and one scout but the arachnids really did a number on me and overwhelmed my ability to kill them all. I will leave the heavy or the scout back with my snipers to protect them from the surprise attacks. This allows my snipers to move a "green" distance away and take a reaction shot with much better odds of hitting.


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            Generally, my reasons, four words : Sheer. Volume. Of. Fire.
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