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    I am curious as to players' squad setup. Which mercs? What levels? What skill tree?

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    Personally, I use
    1. A Bomber, sorry, a “Destroyer” level 15
    2. A Ranger, sorry, an “AP Sniper” level 15
    3. A Med...Support Fighter level 14
    4. A Storm Trooper level 14
    5. And a Sharpshooter level 14
    And if I’m specifically going out to capture creatures, then I switch my Storm Trooper for a Defender level 13


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      Rolling with 4 Rangers and 1 Scout, but I have a very specific taste


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        Usually four Rangers plus a Scout, like The Avenger, with a couple of trained up Heavies (one of each type), three trained up Sharpshooters and a Support Scout. All of whom can step up for specific missions or scalphunting.


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          Not sure what your current level is RDNTKNIGHT but at lvl 13, I'm using 2x rangers at lvl 8, 1x Stormtrooper at lvl 6 and 1x heavy at lvl 4. Still ranking the heavy to be a destroyer. I went with 3x snipers and one scout but the arachnids really did a number on me and overwhelmed my ability to kill them all. I will leave the heavy or the scout back with my snipers to protect them from the surprise attacks. This allows my snipers to move a "green" distance away and take a reaction shot with much better odds of hitting.


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            Generally, my reasons, four words : Sheer. Volume. Of. Fire.
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              If it’s an VS Wildlife mission, then:

              3 Heavies (1Defender 2 Destroyers, or all 3 Destroyers) + 1 Ranger Sniper. Note : All heavies with Miniguns. When 2-3 Destroyers are covering for each other with Prepared Perk, there are no Melee units that stands a chance. 1 Defeder is in case you are having issues with Ranged Spikewings. His Taunted Dig in Perk reduces dmg and helps with accuracy at Distances.

              For PvP 2 options:

              1) 1 Medic/Storm Trooper + 3 Snipers (2 Rangers + 1 Anti Tank). Note: Spot Red squad with Scout, fire 3 Snipers at 1 target, preferably Scout or Sniper. (Usually that’s 1 kill right of the bat), Scout retreats, they can’t fire back. Repeat until all are dead.
              2) 1 Medic 1 Storm + 2 Snipers (1 Ranger, 1 Anti Tank). This build is useful if you run into a lot of Shields, Storm can Overload them easily, Snipers focus 1 target, again preferably Scout or Sniper.

              Always ignore heavies, with such light builds You can run from them and they never can catch up, and their accuracy doesn’t allow for effective ranged combat.
              Important! With light builds there is 1 issue: if you group your troops too close, some ppl may have those OP green grenades that OTK whole squad. (IDK what that is I’m lvl 15 still don’t have those.)