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    So I thought I would do a trial run on false target 2, and share what I have found. I used my weakest troops and they didn't last long. (I might do a run with my better troops later). Pictures: A preview of the troops you will encounter The first thing you run into is a juggernaut and some shadows once you kill them two crystallid then a little further up you find a puppeteer and chupacabra's, Ok I didn't kill everything I just ran up to see what I would find that way I could plan what I would do with my main troops. Have you tried or completed false target 2 yet? Please share your winning run or attempts.
    False target 2, troop preview 2 False target 2, troop preview 1
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    Ok, so I sent in a better squad (made one mistake in the line up but still managed to complete the mission )

    Got to say it's one hell of a mission....!!!

    They have super charged the aliens and the new chupacabra's are so HARD to kill! Massive health and think hides (they just don't want to die) they come in groups of 3 and in waves.

    The rest of the aliens aren't so bad in comparison. Saying that I did use a lot of resources doing the mission and I didn't kill the last couple of aliens I just made a run for the evac squares as my snipers where in the wrong place when the aliens beamed in.
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      And yes there is a false target 3

      Think I will give it a miss until I fully restock..


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        Man..... That's a lot of aliens...... Jesus


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          Even tho it says 0 chupacabra's I think it was 27 of the new super hard ones I had to kill.


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            ..... F@ck that I ant going there *closes his hangar and office door* In hell only


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              Attached are screen shots of the new shadow and juggernaut, look at the attack power! 1 hit killers..

              I forgot to screen shot the new puppeteer and chupacabra's as I was to busy running away each time.


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                New chupakabras...... I hate my life *boards up his door*