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    Our last couple of trips into the land of dusty shelves and people helped us recover vital enemy and armor data, but this time, Dutch recreated some of his favorite old espionage movies and successfully got out of the archives with several boxes still wrapped in the "CLASSIFIED" tape.

    What follows below is a series of documents on prototype technology, produced by science labs across the globe during the First Advinite War.

    Oh, and what is this? How did it even pass the new IBA scanners?


    Quickly! Make a copy before it spontaneously combusts!...
    - HQ out and running.

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    Deadalus weapons got my interest, I would love to get the ability to make one prototype of the three, that is if the permission is given to my scientists and engineers...... They are going to beg me for this aren't they........


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      Arc looks nice. The rest are fugly.


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        Well my office is getting brocken into by someone soooo excuse me for a minute *gets his deffender out*