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  • Battle Report: False Target

    Commanders, have you beaten False Target? It's an extremely hard set of missions that challenges the best among PMCs to fight off hordes of merciless horrors, and with your help we hope to guide our last squad through the enemy ranks all the way to the end of False Target: Part 1.


    At first, it was a shock of sudden Crystallid company, but then, several Shades appeared behind our mercs and everything went bad very fast. Below is a series of messages we received from squads that went into False Target and didn't return, leaving us with the final — 8th — squad thirsty for vengeance. Study the recordings and launch the strike force.

    Message 01

    *static* ...they came out of nowhere...
    *static* ...too many!...

    Message 03

    We recovered what remains of Squad Alpha, over.

    Message 04

    *curses* No signs of Alpha or Bravo, HQ. Just a lot of dark sand.
    *more curses* We're almost at the signal, it's too quiet...
    *static* This. Shouldn't be. So. Quiet!!!...

    Message 06

    *white noise*

    Message 07


    Time for vengeance

    You have the ability to bring any class or consumable to this mission, and funds are limitless. What would you do to finish False Target?

    Post your advice, userID, and get 10x [Refined Advinite]! We also have a couple of cubic surprises for the best tactician that post in this thread.

    - HQ out.

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    I think two scouts one assault and medic, one sniper AP and heavy defender and grenadier would be the best tactic as I managed to kill that company of shades and crystalids, you need also a bunch of stun and plasma bombs they will do the group damage to the crystalids you need, the defender will use his skill to draw fire from the shades while the sniper AP deals will them and while he is getting shot the medic will heal him, the scout will do most of the damage to the crystalids and the grenadier will make sure they will receive more damage and grenades.

    That would be the easiest way for me to deal with them.


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      I have not played False Target, so I would not presume to know how to beat it, but I find that 3 sharpshooters, 1 ranger, and one support scout are able to beat anything if you know what you are doing.

      I have never seen a Crystallid, but I doubt that it would last a round against my seasoned sharpshooters. Shades are always tricky of course, but as long as the support scout stays alive, the shades will not.

      Please raise the level cap, so that I have a reason to try False Target.
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        Just played this mission. Pretty hard start. Just when you think you have the right positions the darn shadows appeared. I had 2 of my mercy alive enough to kill the crystallids but couldn't take out the shadows. Keep your mercs back at the start. Send your scout slowly through the narrow gateway merely detecting the crystalid and Jug head. Before arrival of sniper range spread out stim up and place your taunt away at a corner drawing fire away from your snipers. Take them out in order of crystallid crystallid jug head. Half way shadows would appear, trained shot + discharge. Should be one shot hit. Stun the jug if you can't kill in time. Good luck. Part 2 to be continued


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          I once ran with 1 low-level merc in basic gear in my squad by mistake, and since there was no other use for him than to move ahead and die repeatedly, it later became a very strange, yet working strategy. Cleared False Target: Part 1 on that try.


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            Sheesh... that's quite harsh


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              Completed mission on second try. I would have to say you would need 2 pulse snipers with armor penetration to kill the Crystallids. I used 8 revives. Mostly be because of area attacks that I couldn't taunt in time. Basic strategy 3 snipers at trailing back around 5 cells, move scout and tank slowly. Upon detection expect 2 Crystallids 1 juggernaut and 2 shadows. There was only once 3 shadows appeared, you better have taunt at this time. Clear Crystallids discharge module, then by stim and armor penetration. remember you most probably don't need shield for tank... Armor is 100 times better. You probably only absorb 1 shot with shield. You would most probably just use the alien medikit to heal 5000 to your tank instead. Always revive your sniper with armor penetration otherwise you would have a hard time dealing with Crystallids. When shadows appear or go to sentry mode... Try to stun them. Your scout would get a beating if you don't. Good luck and don't go ahead to quick. Your mission is to kill all aliens.. So take your time, be smart with your modules and placing your tank so that the aliens can see him. They love slaughtering your snipers if they can see them. Good luck!!


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                Originally posted by The Avenger View Post
                I once ran with 1 low-level merc in basic gear in my squad by mistake, and since there was no other use for him than to move ahead and die repeatedly, it later became a very strange, yet working strategy. Cleared False Target: Part 1 on that try.

                How is that guy still working for you, like I would have already fired my self if I was to be used as bate every mission


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                  False target part 2. Easy.. Always remember to lure with scout. Have everybody lined up in view range of corners with sentry. If you can't kill cristallids on one view. Fall back until you can't see the enemy and go sentry mode again. Have tank as back up to draw attacks to a different line of fire. 0 deaths. Good luck


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                    I've done false target part 1 not tried part 2 yet. I used 2 heavies (1 of each ) , 2 snipers (1 of each) and 1 scout. Can't remember what my equipment set up was as I've made some better equip now but I can say the item I love the most is the overload module, use the scout the overload skill and the sniper with double tap (if more then one alien in sight) using the over load module (good bye all shields) then the other sniper with the damage module and armour penetration skill. Have the 2 heavies up front soaking up the damage (the damage return item is good to have and the 4K shield too).

                    Might try part 2 as I have better equipment now.


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                      I use 2 Snipers, 2 Scouts and a Heavy. Overload modules to reduce shields, damage modules after that. I use chemical grenade from heavy then hunker down. Kill the weaker enemies FIRST. That means Jug until shadows appear, then keep the heavy alive with healing mods and hunker down until they're dead. Then on with Cryatallids. Why?? Because if you don't they will just pick you off and maybe get lucky. They die easy so kill them. Fewer enemies = less potential damage to your squad per round.

                      Grenades are your friend, as are wave medkits. Don't forget about the satellite weapons and revives either.

                      Make sure you heal up between fights and MOVE SLOW to take advantage of cover positions. By now, you're probably used to barely taking damage, but this mission is hardcore - bring plenty of medkits and shield chargers along.

                      BTW devs - think you can introduce a shield recharger that can fill up the top end shields in one use please??


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                        False Target 1 Mission.
                        L14-15 Squad:
                        • 1xDestroyer Heavy: Accuracy /Healing Module.
                        • 1xSupport Fighter Scout: Healing /Damage Module.
                        • 1xSharpshooter and 2x Ranger Snipers: Overload Module (main target is Shade or Juggernaut) / Damage Module (Crystallid).
                        • Weapons: Pulse.
                        • Armors: Mixed from Power, Union and Composit.
                        • Grenades: Emp, Stun and Heavy's Chemical.
                        • Modules: 50 shall do the trick, but half can be enough.
                        • Grenades: ~5-5 pcs.
                        • Medkits: 4-8.
                        • Discharge Shields: 4-10.
                        • Reanimator: ~2-4.
                        On First round use your Scout boost.
                        If you go the left, you'll spawn 1xJuggernaut and 2xCrystallids.
                        Killing a Crystallid will spawn 2xShades above - default view - your old spot (~7 squares). You shall stun them with Stun Grenade while you are not done with the first enemy wave - you can throw an Emp and Pulse grenade on them as well and/or immobilize the Crystallid meanwhile and deal with that.
                        Once you are done with these, you may want to retry going left. You'll spot a pair of Shades far ahead (at trees). Aline your Squad and lure them to your team.
                        If you could kill them, you'll receive a message as you are done with these heavy beasts and there must be something important ahead.
                        (Used up 3xShields, 1xEmp and 1xPulse grenade, 1xAP boost so far.)
                        Sent my Squad to the bottom of the next area, behind covers. Used the Support Scout's boosts and moved with him next round.
                        Small notice: Checked out whether i'll spawn anything if i actually move BEHIND the trees and nothing had happened! So, you may want to avoid the fight which i describe below. However, it may result alike enemies (couldn't test).

                        You'll spawn a Crystallid once you pass the walls - which looks like a gate - and do some steps. As i moved too much, i used an AP boost to run back a bit - also moved my Squad up a bit. I immobilized it when it was 5 steps away. It died next turn, but spawned a Shade and a Crystallid behind the gate wall. I couldn't spot the Shade and it could kill one my Snipers. I've used Reanimator on her, then throw an Emp grenade towards the Shade and Crystallid entity. Killed the Shade with a Sniper then aimed the Crystallid.
                        Next round healed the wounded Sniper with Large Medikit and killed the Crystallid, but its death just spawned one more Crystalled around my mission starting position.

                        Used a Discharge Shield and a Medium Medkit on Heavy, who - fortunetly - was closer to the Crystallid, and moved the other mercs back a bit towards the trees (so i had no line of sight). When it entered in sight next turn, i could give it some hits, then immobilized it with a shot and gave it what i could - note that i've switched to Damage Modules on Snipers meanwhile, which gave 900-1100 dmg results for Trained Shots. Used Guard mode on Heavy and finished turn (it could still do 1,5k dmg on Heavy).
                        As my Heavy was wounded, i switch his module to Healing. Killed the entity and switched Snipers' modules to Overload.
                        Moved my Squad ahead, Snipers behind the obelisk stone. The small passage ahead will hide a Juggernaut and a Shade behind it. Moved back and slightly moved my formation to welcome them (used a Shield on a Sniper just in case). Hm, they are not coming.. wth. Ah, realized Juggernaut is stuck - just like in an UFO mission. So i moved closer my Snipers - behind the barrel's line - to give range and gave view with my Scout's in-out jumping. Realized meanwhile, the Shade has a brother and they both couldn't come ahead - hence the Juggernaut was there. Aim them first, as you'll hit the Juggernaut anyways.
                        Behind their spot i revealed another Crystallid in the corner. Used an AP boost on my Scout and moved back. Switched to Damage Modules.
                        As it couldn't have high accuracy from that far, i could kill it next round. However, the Crystallid's death spawned a Shade next to its death spot.

                        Killed the Shade, then next turn - all of a sudden - there were three more Shades (drop a grenade there or move with Scout or Heavy to spot all). Wth O.o? Maybe they were spawned after the Shade's death, mystery. Anyways, killed them with and Emp Grenade and Sniper's Double Tap.
                        Moved ahead my Scout again, stopped at every 1 AP. When i was on the other side and move around a bit, moved my other Squad members as well. Moved 2 Snipers to the small cover, my Heavy and last Sniper to the big walls' cover.
                        Checked out the spots around trees, saw no enemies there, but when i got closer to the object, could see another Crystallid. Moved back to my Squad and aligned them a bit to welcome this Crystal dude. Another Chemical Grenade and immobilization - which had no effect this time - and another kill in some turns. It seems it died twice: As my Heavy Intimidate skill give it a shot at red HP, it looked like i'm done. However, found it a bit ahead with low HP.
                        Moved my Squad toward the object, but could still hear something, so sent them behind cover. As i moved closer to the object, i could spot a Shade. Lured the Shade to my Squad just to realize they are in pair.
                        Killed them and moved to the object - which is actually a control panel - just to spawn a Crystallid - and two more Shades to the corner, but you'll need to move to reveal them. I moved back to let my Squad do the dirty job.
                        The Crystallid is a kind of dumb alien and won't move away - maybe it can't turn around... You can use the cover on the left (between walls) for your Snipers and play with your revealing Scout again. I've used a Medkit on my Heavy meanwhile.
                        This shall be your job, too.

                        ID: Adjneki


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                          Grand battle report, Adjneki, hands down best in a while!


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                            Tried this as a level 19 with lvl 11 mercs with union armour and alliance weapons...they were fine for the main campaign but nowhere near good enough for this fight

                            My advice don't try this until you max the tech tree


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                              False Target Part 3: Sharpshooter - SS, Ranger - RR, Storm trooper - ST, Support fighter - SF, Defender - DEF, Destroyer - DES.

                              ​Station the mercs: frontline ST/SF, DEF and DES, backline SS and RR.
                              ​First, move the ST or SF to bring out the reptoid commanders and shadows with higher energy fields and life spans and then return the ST or SF back to his position and click end turn
                              ​[or click end turn] wait for the aliens to appear and made the kills. Use DES chemical bomb first, SS n RR use Overload and Damaged Modules for the kills in the first front battle
                              ​When finished with the front battle, moved the mercs and station them at the entrance to the left hand side towards the 1st bomb. Guarding the 1st bomb is a Juggernaut 3000 shield 5000 life
                              ​Move the ST or SF in one step to detect the juggernaut and use SS and RR to kill at long range. Move the ST or SF to the 1st bomb but do not touch it yet instead click end turn [or end turn again] until the mercs are in full capacity to fight at the entrance [5 reptoid commanders & 1 shadow]. The aliens will appear in a whole group at the entrance. The SS and RR should be equipped with plasma guns using Overload & Damaged Modules for short kills or use whatever to finish the fight at the entrance.

                              ​In the next fight, will be 2 Crystallids guarding at the force field entrance. Move the mercs back to the first position that is the start area and station frontline and backline. Use the ST or SF to move alone towards the force field entrance cautiously and lurk the crystallids to the start area and fight the aliens.

                              ​When finished the fight with crystallids, your group of mercs will move to the first right hand corner and station there. The next battle will be with 3 shadows guarding the 2nd bomb. Use the ST or SF to move alone towards the 2nd bomb cautiously and to bring out the shadows guarding the bomb. When ST or SF detect first sight, return to where the mercs are stationed and click end turn
                              ​[or end turn again] until the shadows appeared and finished the aliens off.

                              ​In the final battle, you will face 2 crystallids 5000 shield 10,500 life and 4 juggernauts 2500 shield 1500 life [juggernauts will appear 2 left end and 2 right end]. Station the mercs on the far end just right side of the first column near the force field entrance and fight.

                              ​Equipped Slots - SS and RR 4000 shields 15% accuracy
                              ​ ST and SF, Defender, Destroyer - 4000 shield Electrical Discharger
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