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  • Devblog: Chips

    Since Update 1.9 was released, we didn't stop working on new features and additions to the game, and one of the many to come is an improved chip system. We read Forum and Facebook every coffee cup, and for the last month some questions are asked more often than others. We hope that devblogs will be an interesting insight into how X-Mercs are made and how your feedback can help us improve all aspects of the game.


    Today, we'll answer most popular chip questions:

    1) Why there is only 1 slot for chips in my items?

    The reason is balance. When introducing a completely new system to the game, we test its possibilities during the development, but when hundreds of real players try it out the game can become unstable. This is why, at first, we monitor how chips affect PvP based on 1 slot per item. In the future, you will be able to get items with up to 3 slots.

    2) When items with more chip slots are coming?

    Soon™. We can share that you will be able to get items with more slots through new, additional ways of acquiring gear and that more slots isn't the best part of it. Hint: it will be shiny. Meanwhile, Standard weapons and armor will remain with no slots, due to the fact they are infinite.

    3) Is PvP the only way to get more chips?

    For now, yes. Chips can be obtained through PvP, but did you see all the cool contests we run? A dash of creativity and you're 100% chipped up.

    4) Will you add new chips in the future?

    Yes, more than 20 new chips are planned, and we won't simply add +damage or +armor chips. New chips are based around gameplay mechanics, and we'd like for everyone to use them as a way to customize the game, not just ram as many Rhino Mk. III's as you can into a Reaper Rifle. New chips will help you play the way you want to.

    5) How can I make the chips better?

    The answer is right here — post here and let us know what you think about current chips, how often do you use them and what new types can become a game changer for you personally. We hear you!
    - HQ out.

  • #2
    Cool chip Idea.

    Agro chip.

    Don't know stats but on weapons in th wiled when shot has a chance to agro friend/creatures on them

    On armor I haven't thought of anything yet so any ideas?