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    Today it's hard to imagine how an almighty faction like Red Dragon Union could have been anything but a monument to unity and strength, but for a long time it was plagued with internal struggle and debate.


    Dominating the East part of the world for several decades of the early 21st century, Union combined many nations to form a country of iron will. Before it was known as Red Dragon Union, the nation had to go through civil unrest and stomp out various faction inside the State. To this day, all records of that period are sealed, but our research banks contain symbols of those factions, long forgotten by anyone within.
    Following the beginning of the Advinite crisis, people of the State were relocated closer to the North Pole, where they fought, bled and died for Union while military personal formed a new, powerful regime based on the right of the strongest. Despite countless sorrows that regime has brought onto its own people, in the end, survival was all the mattered.

    Since then, Union helps the High Council of Earth in its fight for the future of the human race, and tries to make a bit of profit on the side.


    All Union soldiers are equipped with the best weapons and gear that country focused solely on military might can produce. Luckily for us, Red Dragons need credits as much as anybody, and some of their items are now available through Player versus Player competition markets.

    The best known Union armor can be acquired by earning PvP Rank 3.

    It rates higher than the other faction specific armor of a blue kind, and will handle most of what the game will throw at you in Chapters 1 & 2.

    But what's the best defense? Surely it's a set of Union-manufactured Beam Weapons, available to all PMCs who reach PvP Rank 4.

    Firefly, Razorback, Volcano and Flash. Just say the names and half of the job is done! Powerful enough to last you even in Chapter 3, it might be a good idea to stick with them around the middle part of the game.


    Among top officers of Red Dragon Union there is no one who is as best and worst to work for like Shen Molotov. General, patriot, a true pain in the seat, Shen is known as a person who will despise you working for credits. Unfortunately, that does include all PMCs. Though the longer you do work for the man, the more you understand—when things hit the fan, you can trust him with your life. He has a nuclear missile silo, to be fair.

    During missions, you will also encounter parts of the Union army that keep true to their faith in the State, and parts that are a bit, how to say it, legendary. There are late bar talks at the base, that a special squad of Red Dragons is loose in the wild, seen helping random merc squads, surviving after a deadshot and opening Juggernaut from the inside with a knife. Some say they are just a drunk tale. We know them as the Karmine Brothers.

    Other characters for Union include traitors bent on destroying the world and restless syndicates. But let's talk about them some other time.

    Commanders of the Union

    What do you think of Red Dragons? Do you accept their authority or defy it? Tell us about your most memorable encounters with Union in this thread. We'd love to read a story or two

    Now, back to duties, comrades.
    - HQ out.

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    My most favorite faction by far, these guys know how to get your blood pumping and your enemies running for their lives not to mention my most used armour is actually Union based and I can confirm all of the things said here about it, but the weapons are a completely other level if you need someone dead they will be.
    Hell most of my soldiers are from the Union like Commander Rex and Bloody Baron.... their stories of how they ended up in my PMC are quite... morbid to say the least.

    Best has to be the time when Shen comes down to shot two enemies in the back with a shotgun, and the time I had to save his ass from a crash and he was still alive after being exposed to advenite radiation and that just shows how much of a hardened soldier this guy is if you need a example of a union soldier well he is that.

    Worst moment... the time they tried to shoot my men and my soldiers were not that happy... Yeahhhhh a bit of a "accident" to say the least during that mission.
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      Karmine Brothers you say.... gonna have to search for these guys to see if the legend is true.


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        My FB post:
        Oh come on, I was excited for new PvE content and then there is this old stuff -.-
        Get us an ultrabrutal high damage elite union PvP squad that ignores taunt and makes the def tank obsolete. That would rock!!


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          Common Crane you know you like the union gear


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            never used union or exodus, I even researched it only beause u made me to


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              Trust me Crane the armour is worth the cost


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                not if u have full reaper


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                  Come on Crane even you get sometimes tired of how the reaper looks, I use the union gear because I like how it looks, it's stats and the fact I will never feel sick of seeing it


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                    I only play reaper, anything else goes in one of the 6 expeditions


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                      Well all of us are different which is what makes this game great