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  • Best in Class: Heavy trooper

    Previous Best in Class
    was about being on the mark, but even the most piercing shot can encounter an impenetrable barrier - a heavy trooper. Read below why not so long ago PvP was dominated with a "5 heavy" combo and why chemical grenade is not the skill to throw away.

    Heavy trooper skills

    While advancing to lvl 6 we highly recommend to stick with this order of skills:

    Increased Damage, knocks the enemy back 1 cell

    Punisher (Passive)
    Deals 50% damage to one enemy adjacent to the target

    Protection (Passive)
    +10 to merc's Armor

    While "Punisher" helps you clear a small colony of arachnids with a single shot and "Protection" offers a substantial boost to Armor, you should always pick "Intimidate" as your first skill to learn. Here's why:

    When your snipers are forced to spend 1AP to reload or use a "tactical retreat" maneuver , put them in Sentry mode and attack with your heavy trooper use "Intimidate" to finish off the enemy in the same turn.


    Upon reaching level 6 you will have to make a choice: develop your heavies into Defenders or Destroyers. Both classes can become a deciding factor in many missions and PvP battles, and this is how:


    Often sighed at after another clever joke ("you shall not pass!"), they can stop any breach by focusing enemy fire on themselves with two skills:

    Dig in
    +30% to merc's Armor and +15% to their Accuracy for 2 turns, moving will cancel the effect

    Taunt (Passive)
    Provokes the enemies within merc's line of sight to attack the merc while the "Dig in" skill is active

    With a pack of medkits behind the back, Defenders can use "Dig in" and force enemies to attack them long enough for your snipers to arrive.

    Panama Chronicles (PC) contain records of overwhelming Defenders popularity in base defenses. Combination of 5 of them with gadgets that recover fallen mercenaries back to 100% made war economy so annoying, that in 2077 all PMCs were made to sign a pact of tuning these gadgets down to 25% efficiency by the High Council of Earth.


    Veteran Commanders know that offense is the best defense in all situations. One can't praise high enough the skills and importance of Destroyers on the battlefield, but we'll give it a shot:

    Be prepared! (Passive)
    Fires a shot at the first enemy that moves within 4 cells

    Chemical Grenade
    Deploys a Grenade (50% Base Weapon Damage) that increases Damage dealt to targets by 50% for 2 turns

    "Be prepared!" will guarantee you a free shot every turn, which paired with Arc Weapons can replace an Ion Cannon strike with pure reflexes.

    "Chemical Grenade" should be thrown into the most populated area at all times, giving your snipers a chance to push trophy count over 9.

    During the Breach of 2082 these tactics held off Arbiter "troops" until rescue came to remote bases and we launched the counterattack.

    Heavy choice

    Everyone is essential, and HQ would love to hear your thoughts on heavy troopers and their role among mercenary classes. Join the discussion!

    Until next class, Commanders.
    - HQ out.

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    Dig in and taunt are completely useless in defending in PvP and ridiculously useful in attacking in PvP. It should be less effective in attacking and have some effect in defending.

    For example, even though I aim at someone else my shot could hit the taunting defender with a base chance of say 50% of the time, modified by the difference in merc level by say 5% per level difference.

    In offense, the AI controlled defending mercs should also try to hit something else, but by a similar mechanism hit the taunting defender some of the time instead.

    Think of it as the subconscious playing up and attacking that annoying defender...

    When it comes to mutants, the less clever melee types should definitely go for the taunting defender every time, but the smarter ones should have a chance of hitting other mercs.

    ​Aliens should not be fooled so easily. 50% of the time would be plenty for basic aliens, while some of the better aliens should be fooled much less easily.
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      As allways very correct observations by starqnaked.. couldnt agree more or have said it better myself


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        This is one of my old comments but they still contain valuable info:

        Also I recommend to always carry a Deffender Class Heavy they are damage sponges on the battle field. The Dig in skill is their bread and butter a specially when you have taunt skill on them. This makes the enemies attack them SPECIFICALY because of the Taunt skill when you activate Dig in. Use that skill to stop large numbers of enemies attacking your guys at the same time. For example you have 3 snipers on your team, a horde of enemies gets too close for them to shot accurately and most of them need to re load. The Dig in skill make the enemy attack the heavy without thinking twice about their action. So what do you get? You can reload your squad and overvatch them or re position them.the heavy can still shoot them but never ever move until the skill is inactive or you will lose it for a long time period not to mention he loses the buffs he gets from that skill. But remember they can still die so always keep a medic scout near by to revive them or heal them. They also benefit from the armor plate MK2. This gives them more armor and makes them even more stronger.


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          I do agree with Star the DIG IN skill is quite OP but avenger told me that some of mine and other peoples ideas went in so the skill could have been nerfed but I am not making any promises just some info on what MIGHT come out in the next update.


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            yes, see my fb comments
            nerf dig in, make destroyer better
            arbiter against 2 defs, I went out with full health as u remember, that shouldnt be possible