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X-Mercs 101: PvP for the beginners

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  • X-Mercs 101: PvP for the beginners

    Even if your base is doing fine, you shouldn't forget about other Commanders out there. A lot of organizations are fighting each other for profitable contracts, valuable resources, and are earning influence in different areas. They create alliances and form Syndicates, the powerful PMC coalitions headed by the strongest and most influential commander in this alliance. Here, we'll discuss the basic information you will need to climb to the top, or to simply get some extra cash and resources for your own use.

    Starting from level 5, you can participate in PvP battles – right after you complete the training missions and at least one contract. To begin the fight, you will need to open the World Map menu on the main base, and choose Scanning in the lower right corner of the screen. It will then start looking for an opponent, and when it finds one, tap their icon – you'll see all the important info about your enemy in a pop-up window.

    In this window you will also get more detailed information about your enemy's Syndicate, some information about the defending mercs, and the reward that you will get if your attack is successful.

    Keep in mind that you always have time to prepare for battle. You can return to your base, choose the attacking mercs and their equipment, prepare the consumables you will need, and so on. The coordinates of your opponent’s base will stay visible for 24 hours, and you can begin your attack at any time. If you want to choose another opponent, you can scan again to find another opponent. Tap the Attack button when you're ready to begin your assault. You will have 30 minutes to kill your enemies, and if you don't finish your attack in time, you will lose the battle.

    Once you tap the Attack button, your opponent's base will load, and your mercs will be deployed. Most experienced and well-equipped mercs from the Defending side will be opposing you, and the number of these units depends on the amount of slots your opponent has unlocked. These mercs will also use the best weapons they have.
    Even though you will be controlling your squad, the enemy's mercs are controlled by AI – meaning you don't need to be online during the battle. However, when the battle is finished, you need to go online so that your stats are updated. Just as AI will decide on the strategy to defend against your attack, it will also use any consumables available – depending on your level, the defending mercs will use grenades, shields, and even Stealth Cubes or Prophets. Plan your tactics carefully, these battles may not be easy!

    For each battle, you will receive:
    The amount of credits you get depends on how much credits you opponent had – you will receive 10% of the total number of credits stored. If you win, these credits will be withdrawn from your opponent's account – on the other hand, if you lose an attack, you will also have these credits removed from your balance. The maximum amount you can earn depends on the defender's level.
    Amount of morbidium you get for battle depends on how strong your opponent is. The harder the battle, the greater the reward!
    Valor points
    Valor points let you get a higher PvP rank and climb the ratings ladder. Depending on how complicated the battle was and your current PvP rank, you can get anywhere from 1 to 75 Valor points.
    You can get more rewards for several daily victories:
    3 victories 5 Titanium
    5 victories Pulse grenade
    10 victories Cyber-Module
    When you decide to start your attack, you will meet a fully-armed opponent – but you can be just as ready. Don't forget to use medkits, shields, and cover generators to gain advantage on the battlefield.
    If you wish not to participate in PvP battles anymore, don't scan the map for new enemies for 48 hours – this will remove you from PvP queue and you will no longer get attacked.

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    “If you wish not to participate in PvP battles anymore, don't scan the map for new enemies for 48 hours – this will remove you from PvP queue and you will no longer get attacked.” Is this no longer true? It’s been well over a month since my last PvP battle, but I’m still being attacked by random players at various times.


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      the entry belongs to 2015. couple of updates happened since then. some changes with them as well...