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    The name of my PMC is Damages Inc. The name of my syndicate was taken from the books by David Drake about the futuristic mercenary company Hammers Slammers. The Bonding Authority held performance bonds for all mercenary companies and regulated/monitored their actions. At the moment I have no pvp requirements for my membership, but I expect activity and communication. I have created a discord channel for syndicate chat since the in game chat is broken. This allows picture and video posting as well as the ability to reach me at any time with a question.

    Soon it will be mandatory for my syndicate to join the discord channel or at least make use of private messages to communicate. If you dont want to be a team member then do not apply here. I will set up a guest channel on the discord server so that anyone who plays can join a discord group of fellow players. Invite code For Mercs of Boom discord channel for any and all players who wish to join

    At the moment The Bonding Authority: IS recruiting. To apply send a message in game to Damages Inc. Or join the above listed discord channel and ask there.
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