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What is the purpose of the Syndicate?

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  • What is the purpose of the Syndicate?

    Hello Commanders!

    The question is on the board: what is the purpose of Syndicates? In-game there is almost no explanation, it just says, hey there are Syndicates, but no explanation why would you enroll in any of them. It doesn’t seem to allow to add members as friends to later call them as allies. I didn’t see any weekly Clan challenge chests dropping as in some other games... So what is their purpose?

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    Unlike many other games where people join clans just to get some sort of perk, Syndicates in X-Mercs actually has a purpose.

    The purpose of Syndicates is to join together with other players in order to compete in the weekly Syndicate competition.

    For some syndicate leaders, it seems to just be a way of getting other people to fight for them so that they can bag a little extra morbidium without lifting a finger. Never join a syndicate with a leader who does not fight, or a leader who has named his syndicate after himself...