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Recruiting rules.

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  • Recruiting rules.

    Welcome to the recruiting section!

    If you’re looking for friends or want to add some skilled mercenaries to your syndicate, you’ve come to the right place! But before you start your arduous climb to the top of the rankings, here are some simple rules for posting.
    So, if you’re a syndicate leader:
    • Naming your threads is up to you, but make sure the syndicate’s name is mentioned.
    • Don’t make thread names too long. Brevity is the soul of wit, after all.
    • In the main text of your post, try to give a detailed description of what exactly you’re looking for in a person. Remember that a syndicate can unite people of the same age, from the same time zone or even fans of the same football club. Everything is up to you.
    • If there are no vacant places in your syndicate, it is common courtesy to stop recruitment by posting a corresponding message in the thread.
    Should your recruiting resume, there’s no need for a new thread. Even if the conditions have changed, you can simply write a new message in an old thread, and then ask one of the moderators to pin it on top.
    Good luck!